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Corrected entry: On the subtitles, when Devon first meets Mr. Wade they will say Mr. Wayne. This changes several times throughout the movie.

Correction: Subtitle mistakes are not valid Movie Mistakes.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene the band is performing,"I believe I can fly." When the tempo speeds up the band director conducts the beats wrong. In a 4 pattern beat, he should be going down, in, out and then up starting with the first beat. He doesn't start on the downbeat as we call it in band-nerd world.

Correction: This was actually part of the humor of the scene. Nick Cannon and his bandmates sped up the tempo without the band director's consent, which is why the director had the disapproving countenance.


Corrected entry: When the main character is trying out for his position, after he is done, the percussion leader is talking and the wind blows a piece of paper over his hand, but the shot cuts to him immediately afterward, and the paper is gone.

Correction: It is still there.


Corrected entry: After the band's first performance, they are shown in a cafe and the one guy is eating a large hamburger very quickly. He takes a large bite of a sliced pickle. Two shots later, the pickle is sitting on the plate, whole.

Correction: There are two pickles.


Corrected entry: The guy that fights Devon at the homecoming game is playing a snare drum but later on at the BET classics the same guy is playing a trumpet.

Correction: That is not true. The guy that fights Devon only plays the drums. He attended CAU.


Corrected entry: When the Morris Brown band is playing in the stands during one of their games, the first shot shows the band director wearing a purple suit to match the band uniforms. In the next shot, his suit is blue.

Correction: He is wearing a slightly iridescent suit which changes color depending on the angle of the camera and sunlight. It can be seen during the closeup as Dr. Lee looks at him through binoculars.


Corrected entry: Devon's girlfriend says she's a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha sorority - and that her mom was also a member. Pretty impossible considering that Alpha Phi Alpha is traditionally a MEN's fraternity.

Correction: The correction is wrong. If you pay enough attention to the movie you will know that it is not alpha phi alpa but Sigma Phi Alpha...You can hear her say. "Sigma Phi...Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha...Psi" I looked it up and the problem really is that Sigma Phi Alpha is really a national dental hygiene honor society.


Corrected entry: When A&T is playing at their first football game when the drumline comes out for their feature you can hear quads, or tenors. You never see quads in that drumline, only snares, single toms, basses and cymbals.

Correction: There is one person playing quads seen as they start the cadence at the end of the front line. Far to Devon's right.


Corrected entry: Toward the beginning of the movie, the guys are teasing the female freshman about being the only girl on the drumline. Throughout the major part of the movie, she IS the only girl. But during the last battle between the rival drumlines, there are a few girls playing bass drums. Earlier on, they showed the bass drummers and they were all guys. So where did the other girls come from?

Correction: They are teasing her because she is the only freshmen girl drummer on the line, since only the freshmen were going through the training. If you look closely through other parts of the movie, you can see some other girls. When you can't, it may be because it was only the P1 drummers, and the final showdown had P1's and P2's in it.


Corrected entry: During the part where they're recording the music while they try to outdo each other on the drums, the computer prints out the music they have just played. When it goes to the close up of it, you get a very good look of the supposedly hard music. Interestingly enough, it appears that the snare drummers can now play a fourth octive E. Even MORE interesting is how they threw in some sharps and flats, especially since snare drums can't play notes. At all.

Correction: Sharps, flats, and octaves can be achieved on a snare drum. It is true that snare drums don't play notes, but progams print out just the rhythm. if you've ever looked at a sheet of drum music, there's one note that shows the rhythms. Octaves can be achieved by rim shots or playing on the rim. sharps and flats can be achieved by hitting the drum harder or lighter. It could also be from the different sticking, such as hitting the drum with the other end of the stick rather than the usual, and holding the stick vertically and dropping it.

Continuity mistake: When Shawn is teaching the new drummers not to look at their drums while they play, he and Devon play together until Shawn drops a stick. At this point, Dr. Lee comes over and starts playing with Devon, until Devon drops a stick. The drum stick falls from Devon's hand and bounces around on the field. In the next shot, Dr. Lee is talking to Devon, neither has moved, but now Devon has both sticks in his hand.

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Jason: I DO love my drum.

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Trivia: During the credits, you see the field show that MBC was going to put on earlier in the movie, but was not shown. During the show, all of the band members lie on their backs and sing the chorus of the song, and then get back up. During one shot panning across the field as the band members stand up, you can see one of the multi-tenor plays at the bottom of the screen struggling to put his drums back onto his carrier. (01:54:05)

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