Factual error: Although the tie is obviously done for the purpose of the story, the fact is that Morris Brown would never be given high marks for their performance at the Big Southern Classic. This is a marching band competition, and they do little moving at all, let alone actually marching, changes of formation, etc. If anything they would rank last of all schools, if they weren't disqualified outright.

Factual error: When Devon gets a package from his father, the stamp on it reads "Atlanta" when it should be New York, where Devon's father is from.

Factual error: When Devon receives the tapes from his dad, the zip code for Brooklyn is 11258. The 11258 zip code is actually for Massapequa. (01:17:51)

Factual error: During Devan's audition to get onto the A&T drumline, Devan is using a Pearl Competitor CSD snare drum with a high-tension Remo K-Series Falam marching snare drum head with a black center dot. This snare drum head can only be used on snares designed for use with extreme-high tension heads, such as the Pearl FFX-1412 snares that the P1 and P2 drumline members use. If used on the Competitor CSD snare drum as Devan was, the lug casings and bearing edge could face possible damage and failure because of the extreme high-tension required for use by the Kevlar head. (00:30:05)

Factual error: In actual band competitions, the band is rated on several different factors - one being the Drumline (the third of four songs in each performance is the "Drum Break"). However, the final decision will never be based on an encore performance by the Drumline. If two bands happen to tie (which is very unusual, especially for first place), there is no "tie-breaking" performance.

Factual error: During the scene at the first show that the band plays, the drumline finishes by playing a cadence at the end of the song. When the head section leader comes out to play his solo, Devon also plays with him. At the end Devon gets on his knees and starts playing a roll. There are two different camera shots of this, one where you see Devon's hands playing, and one of his upper body. Every time they show the shot of his upper body, his arms and shoulders are moving way too fast for the roll that he is playing on the drum. But when they show the shots of his hands playing, his arms are moving like they should when you play a roll.

Factual error: After Devon gets the package of tapes from his father he is sitting on his bed and he is about to practice. When that shot starts, he is twirling his drumstick and his fingernails are dark in color, but Devon's nails are actually light in color.

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When Shawn is teaching the new drummers not to look at their drums while they play, he and Devon play together until Shawn drops a stick. At this point, Dr. Lee comes over and starts playing with Devon, until Devon drops a stick. The drum stick falls from Devon's hand and bounces around on the field. In the next shot, Dr. Lee is talking to Devon, neither has moved, but now Devon has both sticks in his hand.



The main drummer for Morris Brown at the end of the movie during the tie breaker is the actual drummer used for close up shots of Devin's hands when he has to drum.