Far from Heaven

Plot hole: The boys who chase Sarah pick up large stones from a carefully tended lawn, and they find them between the leaves without a bit of searching around. (01:15:45)


Factual error: In the scene where Julianne Moore realizes her husband will miss supper hour with the family again, she decides to bring his dinner to him at the office. The housekeeper hands her the packaged dinner in a square Tupperware container. It is from the early 1980's, and is the color style persimmon - a deep rust red. Tupperware did not make this container shape, nor color, in 1957-1958 period. (00:22:15)

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Frank Whitaker: I know it's wrong because it makes me feel despicable.

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Trivia: Because he was filming the first season of "24" at the same time, Dennis Haysbert was constantly shuttling back and forth between Los Angeles and the East Coast.

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