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Corrected entry: It is very unlikely that Marisa gets her new job as a maid so quickly, since she had been convicted of not having been honest as a maid, and this was even all over the media. Nobody would hire her for quite a while.

Correction: A large number of people do not read/watch the news all the time, nor stay informed about politicians. Marisa could easily spend a day applying at several places, and meet just one supervisor/manager who does not know what happened with Senator Christopher Marshall. Especially in a city the size of Manhattan.

Corrected entry: When Jennifer Lopez and Bob Hoskins are preparing the luncheon in Ralph Fiennes' apartment, Lopez can be seen handling the glasses from the top. Anyone trained in hospitality and working in a five-star hotel knows to pick up a glass from the base - not the rim from which the guest will drink.

Correction: Comes down to character mistake, not movie. Even well-trained people make mistakes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chris Marshall & Marisa Ventura's photograph appears on the cover of the morning newspaper, you can see Chris holding a leash with the dog positioned between the couple. Marisa's son Ty is not in the picture. However, in the scene where the photograph was actually taken, there was never an opportunity for the couple to be alone with the dog. Ty was always positioned between the couple, until the 'dog-walker' came to get the dog.

Correction: The picture is correct. Ty never was in there the moment the dog walker came, took the dog, and Ty left with the dogs. Then Marissa and Chris went to sit on a bench (when Marissa almost sits on the magazine with Chris' face), Marissa then spots the photographer and Chris and her start to leave and she realizes and shouts, "Ty," and then Ty comes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Lopez has just been fired and she's walking across the street and Fiennes is chasing after her, she is still in her maid's uniform. But it is shown that they change into their uniform at work, not home so in effect she is stealing the uniform.

Correction: When hotel maids are employed they are required to purchase their uniform and it remains the maids property, even after dismissal. The reason Marissa was seen changing into her maid uniform is because the hotel's laundry department clean their uniforms daily. When Marissa was dismissed she would not have been returning and therfore did not require the hotel to clean her uniform.

Corrected entry: When Chris first meets Ty in the elevator, Ty rattles off an impressively detailed list of facts about Chris, including his political ambitions, voting history, etc. But just a bit later on top of that big boulder in Central Park with Chris and Marissa, Chris mentions that freezing up in front of a crowd is fatal in his business, and Ty asks what Chris does.

Correction: Ty is asking Chris what he does about the freezing up in front of a crowd, not what he does for a living.

Corrected entry: When Marissa came into work the first time, she didn't punch into work on the timeclock. However, in a later scene, she has her son punch her timecard out.

Correction: She did punch her card the first time we saw her go into work. It is when the security gaurd says the she just made it on time.

Audio problem: When J'lo leaves out the door after the big gala and Chris runs after her, he stops her and they begin to talk. when she says the line "I made so many mistakes already" you can hear her say "look" before she says that line, but you actually see her say "I" instead.

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Christopher: Look, can we start over? Second chance, second date? You as you, me as me. No secrets. What do you think?

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Chosen answer: Two hotels were using during filming, The Roosevelt Hotel and The Waldorf-Astoria, both located in New York City.


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