Maid in Manhattan

Continuity mistake: When Marisa is going to the gala, she is wearing a peach chiffon wrap. When she enters the gala, it is gone and never to be seen again, (even when she leaves the gala and Chris follows her out).

Audio problem: When J'lo leaves out the door after the big gala and Chris runs after her, he stops her and they begin to talk. when she says the line "I made so many mistakes already" you can hear her say "look" before she says that line, but you actually see her say "I" instead.

Erika Medina

Factual error: In the scene at the zoo after Chris, Marissa and Ty are leaving the penguin enclosure, she and Ty are shown departing the zoo through a gate immediately adjacent to the left of the penguin house. In reality, while there is a gate there, it is never opened, the main entrance/exit is across the courtyard past the seal pool.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene near the end, when Jerry and media people are running through a door to get to Chris and Marisa, you can see a large hand (twice) ushering people through the door.

Continuity mistake: At the very end of the movie, Marisa is in the break room, when Ty brings Chris to see her after the press conference. Her hair is in a long curled ponytail, and during their close up, her hair is more bunched up. After they've kissed, the camera pulls back and her hair is back how it was.

Continuity mistake: When Chris and Marisa meet for the first time, Steph puts a coat on Marisa, the right side of the collar is sticking out. It cuts to Chris, Ty, then Chris again quickly, then back to Marisa, and it is flat.

Continuity mistake: When Marisa has just come back from being with Chris in the park, she is getting changed and has a sweat patch on the back of her uniform, but in the next shot it has disappeared.

Plot hole: In the scene after Chris' disastrous lunch date with Caroline, he is seen signing autographs before getting into his limo; however, he starts making out the autograph to Amber before he has even asked her name. He tries to cover by then asking for her name, and acts surprised/shocked that it is indeed Amber. Both he and the fan start laughing before he spots Caroline and Rachel coming out of the hotel and pushes Jerry into the limo. (01:01:57)

Other mistake: Marisa wakes up the morning after spending the night with Chris in his apparently very plush hotel room in the best hotel in New York, and uses the phone. Note the huge bash out of the windowsill paintwork right next to her. Yeah, really nice hotel.

Revealing mistake: When Marisa first leaves the hotel with Chris and all of the photographers are snapping them outside the door, Chris promises them all special access to an event he's going to and they all turn away. The last one stares right into the camera for a good couple of seconds.

Continuity mistake: In one scene (near the beginning), J-Lo's necklace is caught on the outside of her jacket/top, she turns around and in another camera angle the necklace is clearly tucked back into J-Lo's jacket/top.

Revealing mistake: Just after the scene between Marisa and Ty where 6 days before Christmas is established and snow is seen on the ground, trees with leaves can be seen in the background.

Plot hole: It is very unlikely that Marisa gets her new job as a maid so quickly, since she had been convicted of not having been honest as a maid, and this was even all over the media. Nobody would hire her for quite a while.

Continuity mistake: When Steph is putting the white jacket on J-Lo before they go to the park, a metal clip is seen on and off in J-Lo's hair (her bun) on the left side of the screen.

Visible crew/equipment: When Chris and Marisa are sitting on the bench after she makes the "I nearly sat on your face' comment, you can see a small gap on Chris' shirt around his chest and for a few seconds you can see his black microphone wire.


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