Red Heat

Continuity mistake: When Danko punches out the man hassling him when he's sat in the car, the man falls left out of shot next to the car, but when Ridzik comes back, the man is now quite a distance away from the car.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ridzik, Stobbs and Gallagher are performing a drug raid, Stobbs and Gallagher begin to arrest two gang members by handcuffing them to a pole/pipework within the apartment room. Ridzik then proceeds to kick-in a wooden door, when another gang member shoots with his shotgun, resulting in a great big hole in the door. With the gang member's second fire of his shotgun, (quickly after the first) he shoots the same hole out of the same door.



Continuity mistake: During the scene where the cleanheads go to rescue Viktor while he is handcuffed to Danko, Ridzik runs back and has a shootout with them. During this he ends up shooting the one fake officer to the ground and thus knocking his hat off. Then just a few seconds later we see Viktor and his men running out of the building and the officer who lost his hat now has it back on his head. Then a few seconds later it cuts to a shot of the officer and the hat is off of his head again, on the ground to the right of his body.

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Ivan Danko's police uniform is a combination of at least six different uniforms. His hat is a Moscow Commander's Special and he also wears a Parade Band Musician axelbant.



When Schwarzenegger and Belushi are in the diner after shooting the transvestite, Belushi is going through the paperwork that needs to be done. The one sheet which is shown Belushi says is an "accident report". Actually typed at the top of the paper is "Worthless Document Case Report".