The Client

Corrected entry: While the boy is waiting in the hospital waiting area, a sleazy attorney harangues another patient sitting in a wheelchair, listing the patient's injuries and how much money he can sue for each one. One of the injuries the patient mentions is a broken collarbone, but his arm is not in a sling (necessary for broken collarbones) and when they leave the scene the patient is rolling his wheelchair with both arms (not possible with a broken collarbone).

Correction: One of my friends broke his collar bone twice playing hockey and never went in a sling. He even continued to use his arm - his dominant right - as usual and never mentioned feeling any pain.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Romey Clifford is talking to Mark, he says something like: I grew up here and played in these woods and now I am gonna die here. Since "here" is Tennessee, why does Romey speak with a cajun accent?

Correction: Romy has a cajun accent because he is an attorney in New Orleans. It never says how long he has lived in "Nawlans" but people will pick up accents over time.


Corrected entry: The attorney in the opening sequence waves around and eventually shoots himself with a Ruger SP-101 revolver. The police describe it as a Smith and Wesson. In the United States the police know the difference. If nothing else the brand is inscribed on the frames.

Correction: When do the police call it a Smith & Wesson? All I could find is when FBI Agent Lawrence Truman calls it a "cheap snub-nosed .38", there is no error here.

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Corrected entry: Reggie Love stated "the early Led Zeppelin albums are I, II, III and the untitled fourth album blah blah..." The first album is actually titled "Led Zeppelin", not I.

Correction: This is not a mistake. I have heard a lot of people refer to that album in that way. After all, the follow-ups are Led Zeppelin II-IV, It is natural to refer to it as Led Zeppelin I, regardless of the fact that the roman numeral I is not actually printed on the album jacket.

Corrected entry: Reggie says her kids were taken away because she was an alcoholic. Yet she actually started drinking after her kids were taken away.

Correction: That is incorrect. Reggie tells Mark that right after her divorce, she drank somewhat and also took prescription sleeping pills but one night accidentally took a few too many. Her ex-husband then claimed that she tried to commit suicide. The court declared her an unfit mother, and that was when she lost custody of the children. Following that, she began drinking heavily before getting help.

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Revealing mistake: When Brad Renfro is standing outside Reggie Love's house, hitch-hiking, he is laughing so hard he has to turn away from the camera, and even then he is still visibly shaking with laughter.

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Roy: Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, so sayeth the Psalms.
Judge Harry Roosevelt: That's Proverbs 12:22.

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Trivia: In the movie, Reggie comments on Mark's Led Zepplin t-shirt, saying they were a great band. Mark accuses her of being one of those adults who pretends to like cool bands to get close to little punks like him. This parallels an incident where Brad Renfro was reading for the role of Mark, and a suit in the production office saw his Megadeath t-shirt and claimed to like that band, too. Renfro said the same thing to the producer that Mark eventually says to Reggie in the film.


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Chosen answer: He says "That's a pretty suit, chérie", chérie being French for dear. The film is set in Louisiana where French and Creole are spoken.

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