Star Trek: Nemesis

Corrected entry: When the landing party is on the planet, where they find B4, everyone and everything casts a shadow, except for the shuttle, giving away that it's CGI.

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Correction: The shadow is visible to the left of the path which the vehicle that Picard, Worf, and Data are driving. (Since the shuttle is not touching the ground, its shadow will not be touching it).

Corrected entry: Shinzon has been a slave in the mines his whole life with only the Remans as his family. So when exactly did he find out what the Romulans' plan was after it was decided he wasn't going to be used to replace Picard? The Remans would have no reason to know this information so that only leaves the Romulans, so what benefit does it give the Romulans to inform Shinzon of what his life was from, other than to give Shinzon a ridiculous excuse for revenge?

Correction: It's quite plausible that Shinzon would have found out by it accidentally, or deliberately, being leaked. The Romulans could have used it to taunt him, letting him know he was just a wasted experiment. Or Romulans might have talked about it when they visited the planet & it was overheard and relayed back to Shinzon.


Corrected entry: The Scimitar's shields are still up when the Enterprise rams it. Shouldn't the Enterprise bounce off the Scimitar's shields instead of plowing straight through its forward hull?

Correction: While a Starship's shields are capable of deflecting very small items (This is why a photon torpedo can't penetrate them - photon torpedos are a matter-antimatter warhead and a navigation system, all contained within a casing about two meters in length), their primary purpose is to deflect energy weapons away from the hull. A starship would use a completely different system to deflect larger objects, the Navigational Deflector, but even that would be ineffective against a collision. It has been shown during the TNG Episode, "Preemptive Strike" that something as small as a shuttlecraft can penetrate the shields with ease. This is why starships have Tractor Beams - focused, linear, graviton beams to push or pull objects away - but as another TNG Episode, "Cause and Effect" shows, even those aren't too useful when another starship is heading straight for you.

Corrected entry: Why does Picard give up on destroying the ship when the auto-destruct fails? All they would need to do is drop the magnetic containment seals on the anti-matter pods manually. Then boom, instant warp core breach. Or take a phaser to the warp core. There's gotta be at least 20 ways to blow up the ship without the auto-destruct sequence. The auto-destruct is meant to be able to detonate the warp core without human intervention, giving the crew time to escape. The Captain could have sent the crew to the escape pods and blown the ship up manually.


Correction: This entry simply lists what "could" or "should" have been done, which are not valid mistakes.

Corrected entry: Having the entire senior bridge crew of the Federation flagship beam over into an unknown situation on a Romulan warship seems like an unfathomably stupid thing to do. It's supposed to be Starfleet regulation that a Starfleet captain not beam into an unknown and possibly hostile situation without an armed escort. Captain's aren't even supposed to go on away missions. Even though this was a diplomatic mission, the obvious thing would have been for Commander Riker to remain on board the Enterprise in command in case something happened to the away team. What if the away team was taken captive or killed? The only senior officer left on board was Lt. Commander LaForge.


Correction: This is one of the most important missions that Picard has ever been on. He wants his trusted staff members with him, he does not need to follow regulations to the letter. Besides, the Romulans made the peace overture, it would be very counterproductive for them to attempt something malicious.

Corrected entry: During the climactic battle because the Enterprise's transporter systems fail after Picard transports to the Scimitar. As a result Data has to jump through space, no other reinforcements can go to help and the bad guys cannot be transported off the ship. The Enterprise has several shuttle craft as well as a Captain's Yacht, each of which has their own completely independent transporter system, any of which could have been used instead.

Correction: Stating what "could" have been done in a movie is not a mistake. Besides, the Captain's Yacht and shuttles could have been damaged by the Scimitar's attacks.

Corrected entry: Do you think the filmmakers copied a little from Star Trek 2? Let's see. The captain's 'Nemesis' shows up in both episodes with pretty much the ultimate doomsday weapon. The second most beloved crew member - the most logical one at that - sacrifices himself to save the entire ship (and possibly the Earth itself). The logical crew member also just happened to implant all of his memories to another person before he sacrificed himself.

Correction: Observations about the film's similarity to another film do not qualify as trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Data sacrifices himself at the end to save Picard and the crew. In the final episode, "All Good Things" where Picard keeps going back and forth through time, Data is in the future era where Picard is an Ambassador/old man. Unless B-4 actually becomes Data (which can be determined by the singing), Data should not exist in those sequences of "All Good Things"

Sebastian Kaldwell

Correction: Time travel stories are rarely cut-and-dried. Q showed Picard a possible future; it doesn't mean that it's the future that will eventually become the real one - indeed, as Picard has now seen that possible future, he may well take have already taken steps towards avoiding it, either consciously or unconsciously. Equally, your built-in correction may well be correct - that Data's memories "woke up" in B-4, effectively resurrecting the character.

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Corrected entry: How is it that Shinzon (Picard's clone), has the same accent? Accents are learned environmentally, and are not genetic. It's stated that Shinzon was shipped off at an early age when the plans to replace Picard were scrapped. So where did he learn the accent?

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Correction: In order to replace Picard, he would have to educated like Picard. Whatever means were used to educate the clone could have included the accent (if you are beaming thoughts into someone's head, it shouldn't be to hard to adjust the accent on that inner voice they hear).


Corrected entry: If we are to believe Picard's comment that Doctor Soong was being whimsical in naming the prototype android "B-4," then we must accept that Doctor Soong had some foreknowledge of the future - he had to have known it would work and he would be constructing other androids. It's akin to finding a coin stamped "100 B.C."

JC Fernandez

Correction: If Soong chooses to name a prototype "B-4", he's not mystically foretelling the future, he's merely displaying a (justifiable) degree of confidence in his own ability, telling himself that it's going to work. And, given that B-4 is the prototype, of course his eventual goal would be to build further models. What else does one do after creating a successful prototype? This is nothing more than confidence and Soong's whimsical sense of humour.

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Corrected entry: The Enterprise-E only has 24 decks (stated in First Contact), so the Remans can't be on Deck 29. (01:23:05)

Correction: Enterprise goes through a number of modifications between "First Contact" & "Nemesis", including having the warp nacelle pylons moved forward, the connections between the saucer section & the engineering hull modified & phaser arrays & torpedo tubes modified to account for blind spots (you can see the differences on screen at times). Extra decks could have been added at the same time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Deanna Troi uses her telepathic ability to find the Scimitar, she has her hand on Worf's. You notice she is only wearing one ring on her wedding finger. In a later scene where Picard orders her to ram the Scimitar, it is clear she is wearing several on her finger. When did she have time to get them? (01:21:30 - 01:28:10)

Correction: She is wearing two rings the whole time: a smooth, small ring (typical wedding ring) and a bigger, ornated ring. In the first scene they are only so close together they look like one ring, but you can tell there are two because the smaller one is darker and more shiny than the big one and glares more and different.


Corrected entry: During the shot of the Enterprise-E tearing through the shuttlebay on the Reman Warbird, you can see a Reman who gets crushed between two Scorpion class shuttles on the centre-right as they collide. However, when that debris clears, the Reman is nowhere to be seen. (01:28:50)

Correction: There are massive forces working and if they can push away a Scorpion that easily it is very plaussible that an much lighter Reman is also pushed away, even faster but is pressed against the Scorpion and so outside of sight while pushed away.


Corrected entry: When Dr. Crusher is explaining to Picard about Shinzon's aging process, she explains about temporal RNA. But a few seconds later, watch her mouth as she says RNA - the voice over says DNA. (01:04:00)

Correction: No, she does say DNA and so is the movement of the lips.


Corrected entry: Right before Picard and Data fly out of the shuttle bay you see a group or Remens firing on the shuttle bay doors standing in a tight formation. The camera angle changes and they are now spread out. (01:00:56)


Correction: They are still in the same formation, but from behind it only appears less tight than from the side.


Corrected entry: During the desert chase scene, Picard and Data lose, then regain their sunglasses.

Correction: They don't wear them when they start driving, but while and after backing up and turn around you don't see what they are doing. They could easily put them back on in that time.


Corrected entry: Why would the Remans chose to name their battleship 'Scimitar' after a Terran weapon? Even though Shinzon was cloned from Picard's DNA, he does not seem to have Picard's memories.

Correction: Why do they speak English at all? By suspension of disbelief, we accept that the Romulans/Remans speak in a language the viewers understand. Under this rule, it is highly likely that the ship was named after a Romulan/Reman weapon, that resembled an Earth scimitar. Hence, the name is "translated" for our benefit.


Corrected entry: When Shinzon begins to descend the staircase in the meeting chamber in which he first meets the away team, he raises the light level, causing the Viceroy to step back into the shadows, because Remans are sensitive to light. But when the meeting is over, the Viceroy walks back up the steps with Shinzon before Shinzon tells the computer to lower the light level again, with no ill effects. It actually appears that the light had already been lowered, and didn't change again after Shinzon's order. (00:33:20)

Correction: The Remans are only sensitive to light due to them spending several years underground, it does not kill them. Most likely the viceroy's eyes would hurt when he stepped into the light, but he chose to ignore the pain so that he could accompany Shinzon after the meeting with the Enterprise crew was completed.


Corrected entry: Data and Picard escape the Scimitar aboard the hijacked scorpion and then were beamed aboard the Enterprise. Shortly after this, Data is speaking to B-4. How did B-4 get aboard the Enterprise?

Correction: B-4 never made it off the Enterprise, Data went in his place after figuring out what was going on.

Corrected entry: When Picard enters the bridge of the Scimitar, he hits a Reman with his Phaser rifle. The Reman drops and Picard sees that the rifle is broken from the impact. In "Insurrection" we saw Worf hit a metal probe with a similar rifle, and his rifle remained intact. Apparently weapons of the future are somewhat weaker then ours and while they can easily withstand the impact with a metal probe, the impact on a Reman skull is too much and it breaks.

Correction: There are several possible explanations. Not all phaser rifles are the same, Worf may have had a stronger model (or even one customised for him to use as a mele weapon). The probe in Insurrection was most likely only covered with a very thin alloy and easily broken (they're not made for battle, merely to hover about). The Reman's skull may be incredibly thick, or maybe Picard's rifle was already damaged somewhat.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When investigating the 'positronic radiation', Picard and his merry men visit the planet of a PRE-WARP civilisation without even the slightest attempt of being discrete. They show off and make a lot of noise, they do not use any sort of camouflage, they engage in combat with the natives, etc. They don't seem to have even bothered to check whether there were any natives near the positronic emanations - the chaingun-wielding ATV drivers take them by surprise. Whatever happened to the Prime Directive ?

Correction: They knew from their scans that there were no settlements near the source of the radiation. The natives took them by surprise, granted, but what were they supposed to do, stand around and be killed by them?

Corrected entry: At one point Data comments that Reman is a difficult language, and we see several examples of Reman language and writing, so why is it at the end, when Picard is aboard the Reman vessel, all of the announcements are in English?

Correction: Picard's universal translator is translating them for him (and, by extension, us).

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Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning where Picard is toasting Troi and Riker's wedding, we see a wide shot of the crew. Wesley is on the far left of his mother. In the wide shot, he isn't there, and then immediately after in a closer shot he is back again.

Correction: Wesley remains there the whole time.

Corrected entry: In the beginning scene at the Romulan Senate, a rebel agent leaves a bomb which kills the whole Senate. Since it has been well-established in the various Star Trek series that Romulans are a devious race with lots of unsavory political dealings going on, why did they not become suspicious of the strange bright red object hurriedly left unattended? And why didn't they think to call security until the thing had already given off a minute-long lightshow which ended up to be toxic?

Correction: They probably stared in amazement for the same reason that people stare at burning buildings.

Corrected entry: Wesley Crusher appears at Troi and Riker's wedding wearing a Starfleet dress uniform. However, just before he joined the Traveler, he resigned his commission as a Starfleet Cadet (and would have probably been drummed out of the service anyway, based on his actions during that episode). Then why is he wearing a Starfleet uniform eight years later?

Correction: Maybe he returned to the academy, just like when people drop out of college but return a few years later.

Corrected entry: When Data and Picard are zooming around the Scimitar inside a stolen Scorpion craft, why don't they blow disrupter holes throughout the entire ship, thereby crippling it? A Scorpion is much more than a match for any of the Remen warriors walking around with disrupter rifles.

Correction: I'm sure that Picard and Data are more interested in escaping with their lives than inflicting damage on the Reman ship.

Corrected entry: When the viewscreen of the Enterprise is blown away, leaving just a hole in the hull for the crew to look through, all you can see is space. The bridge of the Enterprise is on the top of the saucer section. You would have been able to see half of the saucer section from that hole.

Correction: This would be true only if the bridge were on the same level as the entire saucer section. The bridge is in fact on an elevated portion in the center of the saucer section. It would be like looking out the window of a 10 story building. You could see things far away from the building, but in order to see buildings that are short and close to the building you're in, you would need to walk up to the window and look straight down.

Corrected entry: Data is an exceptionally good shot, as established in some of the holodeck scenes of the series and in combat. He is also very fast. Why did he not clear the entire deck of Remans in the Scimitar corridor fight scene involving himself and Capt. Picard?

Correction: In that scenario Data would be shooting the Remans whilst trying not to be shot, and Picard would be trying to open the shuttle bay door. Bearing in mind Data (the superfast thinking/acting android with a perfect memory of the codes he has attemped) takes several attempts to open the door how long do you think it would have taken Picard to do it?

Corrected entry: In almost every film about The Next Generation, they crash their ship and they get a new one, and Starfleet doesn't say a thing about it. Yet good ol' captain Kirk gets punished because he loses a starship in an earlier movie.

Correction: The reason Kirk is reprimanded is that he also stole the Enterprise that was destroyed in "The Search for Spock."

Corrected entry: Why is Worf involved in the movie? In ST: First Contact, he was commanding the Defiant and in ST: Insurrection, he spent his holidays on the Enterprise. But would he have been there in ST: Nemesis?

Correction: It seems Worf took some time off for the wedding and ended up getting himself caught up in the whole Nemesis thing. That is why he is there.

Corrected entry: For being one of Starfleet's best and brightest, Captain Picard forgets a key tactical advantage when his ship is compromised by a Reman boarding party. When he first encountered Shinzon, Picard had trouble seeing him because the lights were severely dimmed. Shinzon points out that this is for the benefit of the Remans, who aren't comfortable (perhaps even blinded) in bright light. Yet it never occurs to Picard to brighten up the lights when the Remans board.

Correction: Just because the Remans find bright lights uncomfortable, it doesn't mean that they're unable to function in bright areas. Bringing up the lights would make it easier for the Reman attack force to spot the defenders - this problem would outweigh any possible tactical advantage from raising the light levels.

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Corrected entry: Picard has been captain of the Enterprise for 15 years. His clone is much older than 15 and yet never had his accelarated aging process activated. Thus Picard must have been cloned long before becoming captain of the Enterprise ... how did the Romulans know who Picard was, much less that he would become important enough to warrant a covert operation to clone him?

Correction: Picard was one of the youngest officers ever to captain a starship (the Stargazer), a post which he reached at the age of 28, before most of the other members of the Enterprise crew were even born. As such, he'd undoubtedly be considered a man to watch, one likely to rise to the higher echelons of Starfleet - hence the Romulan plot to clone him.

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Corrected entry: When Shinzon is impaled with the spike at the end of the movie, only the tip of the spike is covered with blood. If he is impaled, the whole thing should be drenched.

Correction: When a person is impaled by an object, the object actually keeps most blood vessels from bleeding profusely. That is why if a person becomes impaled in real life emegency workers will not remove the object, and then it is only removed in the O.R.. Granted most people will not further impale themslves as Shinzon did.

Corrected entry: Before the space battle, Picard is seen walking the corridors of his ship while Patrick Stewart provides a voice-over about commanders leading forces into battle. Crewmen are seen distributing phaser rifles and running to security staions. Later, the Remans beam a boarding party onto the Enterprise, on Deck 29. Picard orders Riker to take care of it. Riker and Worf have to gather a security team, travel 29 decks though a battle-damaged starship, and locate the intruders. Where did all those security officers with the rifles go?

Correction: Only one team was actually seen handing out rifles, and they could have easily been killed by the Scimitar attacks.

Corrected entry: I'm not a hardcore Trekkie, but Picard's clone needs his blood for a transfusion. After they capture Picard they take a blood sample from him. Now both ships have that technology that enable them to create something from general matter (as in the tea both Picard and the clone order from their respective ships). Why couldn't the clone take Picard's blood sample, feed it into the replicator and make Picard blood by the gallons?

Correction: If the Remans simply replicated the blood that they had already taken from Picard, the replicated blood would be less pure than the original sample. Shinzon needs Picard's blood straight from the veins.

Why would a replicated blood be less pure than the original sample they had already collected from Picard? Why does Shinzon need blood straight Picard's veins?

Corrected entry: The Romulan (and Reman) weapons are disruptors, that disrupt the material bonds of the molecules. The Federation weapons are phasers, a variation of lasers, which heat/burn matter. How did Picard weld with a disruptor?

Correction: Surely, a weapon "that disrupt[s] the material bonds of the molecules" would cause localised heating in its target (the energy from the disrupted bonds has to go somewhere)? Therefore, you cannot state categorically that it is impossible, or even implausible (by Star Trek standards), that a disruptor could be used for welding. In theory, it would not be dissimilar to microwave, induction, and radio frequency welding techniques used in the real world.

Corrected entry: When the Remans beam on deck 29, an intruder alert initiates. But where are the advanced internal sensors and force fields like in Star Trek: Voyager? They could just lock them and decompress the area without a single loss.

Correction: After the collision, the self-destruct mechanism didn't work, so the odds are that internal sensors and force fields would be inoperative, too.

Actually the enterprise, and other federation starships would have had safeguards to keep even massive damage from disabling internal sensors, and force fields in case intruders came onboard a ship during battle.

Corrected entry: In one particular episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wesley Crusher sets a phaser to fire automatically. Why couldn't Data have done the same and then escaped from the Simitar before it's destruction?

Correction: What good is an automatically firing phaser when the transporter was disabled? And he had no time to jump through space again.

Corrected entry: The transporter is damaged near the end of the movie just before Data blows up the Scimitar. How does Picard instantly get transported back to the Enterprise when Data slaps the transponder device onto Picard's lapel?

Correction: The transponder device is a transporter system which operates independently from the ones on the Enterprise.

Corrected entry: It is well known from the ST-TNG series that Data in unable to use contractions. During the wedding scene, Data uses a contraction when singing the Irving Berlin song: Blue Skies. He sings "Noticing the days hurrying by, when you're in love." "You're" is a contraction.

Correction: They're lyrics which is has memorised, it isn't a sentence he has generated himself


Corrected entry: When the Scimitar disables the second Romulan vessel with pin point disrupter fire, the warbird loses all power and coaxes to a stop. The laws of physics state that an object in motion remains in motion and in the vacuum of space, the Romulan vessel should just keep on moving.

Correction: Star Trek Ships have Inertial Dampners. If a ship has no inertia, it will not keep moving when it loses engine power.

Corrected entry: When the Viceroy jumps into a Jeffries tube Riker yells for Worf to cover him so he can follow the Viceroy. Worf jumps foward and to the ground and starts shooting and Riker runs right in front of him while Worf is firing his Phaser rifle. Riker's legs should've been blown off.

Correction: Worf does pause momentarily to let Riker pass. Then he resumes firing.

Corrected entry: When Data and Picard meet up on the bridge near the end of the movie, they just stare at each other for a long time while the machine that's about to destroy the Enterprise counts down. Why isn't Picard, the Captain of his ship, doing everything he can to protect it? Even if he's in shock from killing his clone, Data is an android and his emotion chip is turned off in this movie. There's no reason he shouldn't realize the urgency of the situation, transport Picard to safety, and destroy the machine well before it's done counting down. Instead, he waits until literally the last second.

Correction: According to the director's commentary on the DVD, Picard is "transfixed by the realization of what he's done", i.e. killing his clone. Data waits until the last moment to destroy the ship in order to give the Enterprise as long as possible to get away from the blast. (Picard had ordered the Enterprise to move away before he transported to the other ship.)

Corrected entry: Quantum Torpedos are supposed to be the newly advanced torpedo-system used in Starfleet as introduced in DS9 and used on the Enterprise-E in First Contact. But Photon Torpedos are used in this movie.

Correction: It makes sense that the Enterprise-E would only use Photon Torpedoes when they can't see the target. When Troi finds the Scimitar, Quantum torpedos are used. Also, the Enterprise would have more photon torps than Quantums.

Corrected entry: Where are all of the cool weapons and armour that Captain Janeway brought with her from the future at the end of "Star Trek Voyager"?

Correction: Because the technology came from the future they wouldn't use it, it would be against the Temporal Prime Directive. A rule the future Janeway broke by bringing it to the past.

Corrected entry: At Troi and Rikers wedding, Worf gets drunk on illegal Romulan wine. He also recoginizes the composer of the circa 1940 song that Data sings. Neither of these sound like actions of a Klingon Warrior.


Correction: He was raised on Earth and most Starfleet officers do indulge in drinking Romulan ale.

Corrected entry: Data sings off key at Troi and Rikers wedding. This doesn't fit the character of a being that is a violin prodigy, has super strength, and highly intelligent. His voice should be perfect.


Correction: Although Data has many extraordinary physical abilities, that does not make him perfect. Even from the first episode (Encounter At Farpoint) it was made clear that he was not perfect as exemplified by his inability to whistle. In addition, even though he is "highly intelligent" he has lost at least one game of chess to Troi. (Conundrum)

Corrected entry: After being rammed by the Enterprise Shinzon tells his officer to destroy the Enterprise with the radiation weapon and then head for Earth. How far did he think he would make it without his cloak and a huge hole in the ship?

Correction: By this point Shinzon is senile and deluded. And he knows he is going to die anyway, so if he must die, then atleast he knows he will have given everything he's got.


Corrected entry: Given the militaristic nature and pervasive control of the Romulan Government how could a bunch of slaves manage to first build a starship construction facility and then build a technologically advanced starship without it being discovered?

Correction: They did it the exact same way that they left a clone of Picard with a group of the best fighters in the galaxy with the materials available to make a ship like the Scimitar.

Actually building such a massive and technologically advanced ship like the scimitar would have attracted a lot of attention due to how far they would have had to travel to get the resources to build the scimitar so it should have been discovered. And being the best fighters in the galaxy does not mean they would have the knowledge in engineering required to build the scimitar.

Corrected entry: If the Remans are supposed to be the best fighters in the whole Romulan empire (apparently they won many battles aginst the Dominion), how come Picard manages to kill about 20 of them without breaking a sweat?

Correction: Not all Remans have the same fighting skills. It mentions earlier they were used as cannon fodder. You don't have to shoot well to get in the way of things. Plus, all the Remans who fight well may be dead from the battles with the Dominion.

Corrected entry: Given the Enterprise crew's former troubles with Data's brother Lor, would they really be so quick to activate B-Four, and give him ready access to computer consoles?

Correction: Data is also a highly respected officer, he's about to be promoted to First Officer in command of a starship. One of his main interests is his origins, and the discovery of a brother would drive him to activate the other android, just to see. Lor may have caused problems, but there's an equal chance the other android will take after Data. Also, as Geordi said quite clearly, none of the systems accessed were classified and there was little reason to be concerned, it was just odd. Furthermore, they managed to use the breach to get Data onto the Scimitar in B-four's place, which was highly helpful.

Corrected entry: When Shinzon projects himself onto the Enterprise, as he moves around Picard's office, the office lights reflect off his shiny clothing, despite the fact that he isn't in the office. He also throws a shadow on Picard, again despite the fact that he isn't realy there.

Correction: The hologram Shinzon projects is most likely a variation of what the holodeck does- project something there that isn't there and can still interact with the environment - he just did it for himself.

Corrected entry: The population of Kolarus III (the planet where the crew finds B4) is supposed to be a 'prewarp civilization at an early stage of industrial development'. If they're in such an early stage, how is it that the Kolaruns that attack the landing party are advanced enough to have machine guns and all terrain vehicles? (00:16:03)

Correction: In the eyes of the 24th century, we would be pre warp, as we do not have warp drives. But we do have cars and guns.

Corrected entry: Dr. Crusher states that Shinzon's weapon destroys all organic life at the sub-atomic level. At this level, there is no difference between organic and inorganic matter. It is simply all protons, electrons and neutrons.

Correction: She said it destroys it at the sub-atomic level. That doesn't mean it destroys EVERYTHING at the sub-atomic level, just organic material. The DESTRUCTION occurs at the sub-atomic level, but there is obviously something that can "identify" the targeted organic matter first. Perhaps it only destroys certain elements in certain combinations; the radiation may only affect things that way, so that it only destroys organic tissue.

Corrected entry: Since the Federation has had a Klingon ship in their possesion since the time of Kirk and the Search For Spock, it seems unlikely that Federation ships would not now be equipped with cloaking technology, especially since every other race in the Universe appears to have mastered the technology.

Correction: The Federation does not use cloaking technology on moral grounds, not technological. There was also a treaty with the Romulans forbidding the Federation from developing or using cloaking technology.

Well why didn't the federation make allowing them to use or develope cloaking technology one of the conditions in which they would even have a treaty?

Corrected entry: Since emergency transporters are only about the size of a quarter, why didn't Picard take one with him when he went to Shinzon's ship at the end of the movie?

Correction: One had to remain on Shinzon's ship to destroy the weapon, not giving the individual time to use the transporter. It is understood that Picard going onto Shizon's ship is a suicide mission.

Corrected entry: At the wedding, Worf moans that Romulan Ale should be illegal, and is told, 'It is'. While it was illegal when last seen in a Star Trek movie (VI: The Undiscovered Country), it was in fact legalised during the Dominion War (Deep Space Nine episode 'Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges'), as part of the Federation-Romulan relations that get everyone so interested in Romulus in this movie.

Correction: The truce is only during the war. As Sloan states in the SAME EPISODE, after the war is over two powers will remain to fight for control of the quadrant: the Federation and the Romulans. And without an common enemy I doubt the Romulans would maintain a truce with those they hate.

Corrected entry: Worf doesn't know that Romulan Ale is illegal? You would think the former Chief of Security of the Federation flagship, the former Strategic Operations Officer for coordinating Klingon Activity in the Bajoran Sector and current Klingon-Federation Ambassador would know this.

Correction: Worf was apparently drunk, and is known for his sarcastic quips, much like this one. Given his history, Worf was making a joke. The joke was then extended with Cmdr. Data's response.

Corrected entry: At the finale of DS9, Worf resigns his commision in StarFleet, in order to accept the position of Ambassador to the Klingon Empire (people in Ambassadorial positions can't be in StarFleet simultaneously). Yet, at the wedding reception, Worf was in a formal StarFleet uniform. He should have been wearing formal ambassadorial cothing. Likewise, back on Enterprise E, he should have been wearing civilian clothing, NOT a standard uniform (complete with rank insignia). Also, he is no longer the tactical officer for Enterprise E. What happened to Enterprise's tactical officer? Why was Worf manning his console BEFORE anyone died? I can see Worf taking over after there's been a problem and someone is injured/dead, but before?

Correction: In a longer version of the script Beverly tells Worf she is glad he made it back to the Enterprise before she left, and he says that he was unsuited to life as a diplomat! He could have easily got back his starflee commission.

Corrected entry: Geordi has his cybernetic implants back, after having grown functional biological irises in the previous movie. Why is this? He might've needed to be in the Briar Patch for the metaphasic effect there to make his optic nerve regenerate, but once the iris is there, it's there. There was nothing to suggest that the nerve requires constant exposure to the radiation in order to remain, any more than damaged skin would require constant exposure to a dermal regenerator once it's back to normal.

Correction: In Insurrection, Geordi said himself that his regained vision may not last. Apparently, it did not.

Corrected entry: Early in the story Picard gets a person to person call from Admiral Janeway. Isn't she and her whole crew stranded some tens of thousands of light years away, on board the U.S.S. Voyager?

Correction: By the time of this film, Janeway is firmly back on Earth.

Corrected entry: The Enterprise is tiny compared to Shinzon's ship, yet ramming it does massive damage to Shinzon's ship, effectively crippling it, without doing any discernable damage to the Enterprise whatsoever. It seems unlikely that the Enterprise's bridge, already open to space with only a force field to hold it together, would have survived the impact.

Correction: True, the Enterprise is smaller, but still large enough to cause significant damage. And the Enterprise takes a beating as well in the collision, they couldn't even self-destruct, remember? Plus, in most collisions, the object moving will cause more damage to the other, more stationary object, all things being equal.

Corrected entry: For all his intelligence, Data doesn't seem to be very smart, when it comes to security. They find an android on an alien planet near the Neutral Zone, one that seems to be a Soong-built prototype for Data, but they don't know how it got there. Why does Data think it's a good idea to download all his memories to the strange android? Sentimentality aside, Data has said on many occasions that his loyalty to Starfleet transcends all else. Wouldn't that include keeping his knowledge of how to secretly access the Enterprise's computers to himself?

Correction: Data has always shown that he has a soft spot for other andriods, and since Captain Picard gave his permission, Data wouldn't have seen any problem with it. B4 certainly up to that point didn't show any capacity to USE that information.

Corrected entry: Shinzon needs an infusion of Picard's blood in order to live. If the technology was available to clone Shinzon from a hair follicle off of Picard, then why couldn't they clone another being from Shinzon to provide the genetic material he needs to live? Also, couldn't they simply use a replicator to make more genetic material?

Correction: A clone from Shinzon would be of the exactly the same altered DNA, therefore having the same faults. Shinzon needed pure DNA from Picard because his own had already started to break down. Also, a further clone would be a totally different person, which is what the film is about anyway.

Corrected entry: Janeway is an Admiral, Riker is now a Captain, yet Picard is still only a Captain, too? Talk about needing connections in order to advance within the system. Obviously the Federation isn't a meritocracy.

Correction: Picard was offered a promotion to rank of Admiral in the first season of The Next Generation, but turned it down. Also, in the movie Generations, Kirk advises Picard to never give up the Captain's chair.

Corrected entry: Worf holds the rank Lt. Commander in this movie. He was made the ambassador to Kronos at the end of DS9. His presence in the movie could be explained by his friendship with Troi and Riker, but his friendship would be no cause for demotion.

Correction: When he became ambassador he resigned his Starfleet commission and when he returned he regained it meaning he is still a Lt. Commander.

Corrected entry: If the Romulans consider Picard so dangerous, and if they have zero compunctions about killing someone, why exactly would they leave his clone alive and able to lead a revolt?

Correction: As Shinzon is explaning to Picard at dinner, the Dilithium mines are very dangerous and he was about 10 so the Romulans expected him to die there, in fact, a guard tried until the now Viceroy took pity on him and became his mentor. The people of Remus only cared if the Romulans died, not the humans or their own kind.

Corrected entry: Before entering the rift, we learn that the Enterprise is en route to a fleet of Starfleet vessels to stop the Scimitar. Once they enter the rift, all long range communication goes out and until the Romulans show up, the Enterprise is by itself. Did no one think to fire off a long-range communications probe to call for help?

Correction: The Scimitar would have easily destroyed any probe launched by the Enterprise, especially since they were still cloaked.

Corrected entry: If Worf is the security chief of the Enterprise, his uniform should be tan rather than red.

Correction: He is no longer a security officer. Worf was the security chief of the Enterprise-D, which was destroyed in the movie 'Generations'. He is not an official member of the crew of the current Enterprise-E. His red uniform comes from the DS9 episode 'Way of the Warrior'.

Corrected entry: The Enterprise rams the Scimitar, and the two ships get stuck together. The Scimitar pushes it into reverse and the two ships seperate. But, since there's nothing holding the Enterprise in place, why did they seperate? The Scimitar should have just dragged it.

Correction: As the order 'reverse thrusters' is given, you can see the thrusters physically turning on the outside of the Scimitar. The blast from these thrusters pushes the Scimitar and the Enterprise away from each other.

Corrected entry: When Shinzon's viceroy and his boarding party beam on board the Enterprise, intruder alarms go off. Yet when Picard beams over to the Scimitar, no alarms go off and Shinzon looks surprised when Picard comes onto the bridge. Fifty-two disrupters, primary and secondary shields, but no intruder alarm?

Correction: This takes place after Picard rams Shinzon's ship. Both ships suffered extensive damages, and obviously the intruder alarm of the Scimitar was one of the damaged systems.

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Captain Picard: In his quest to be more like us, he helped show us what it means to be human.



In the latter half of the movie, Picard looks at a picture of himself from his days as a Starfleet Academy cadet while Beverly looks on too. This picture is actually the actor Tom Hardy (Shinzon, Picard's clone) and he appears with a completely bald/shaved head. Showing Picard bald as a cadet completely contradicts the TNG series. In the TNG episode 'Tapestry', a flashback set in 2327 (the year Picard graduated from the Academy), Picard is shown with a full head of hair. Also, in the TNG episode 'Violations', a flashback set in 2354 shows Picard with a partial head of hair when he takes Beverly to see her dead husband Jack's body.



On the artwork for the widescreen DVD disc and the insert, Picard is shown wearing his old uniform from "The Next Generation," instead of the uniform he wore in this movie.