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Corrected entry: When Shinzon's viceroy and his boarding party beam on board the Enterprise, intruder alarms go off. Yet when Picard beams over to the Scimitar, no alarms go off and Shinzon looks surprised when Picard comes onto the bridge. Fifty-two disrupters, primary and secondary shields, but no intruder alarm?

Correction: This takes place after Picard rams Shinzon's ship. Both ships suffered extensive damages, and obviously the intruder alarm of the Scimitar was one of the damaged systems.

Corrected entry: The Enterprise is tiny compared to Shinzon's ship, yet ramming it does massive damage to Shinzon's ship, effectively crippling it, without doing any discernable damage to the Enterprise whatsoever. It seems unlikely that the Enterprise's bridge, already open to space with only a force field to hold it together, would have survived the impact.

Correction: True, the Enterprise is smaller, but still large enough to cause significant damage. And the Enterprise takes a beating as well in the collision, they couldn't even self-destruct, remember? Plus, in most collisions, the object moving will cause more damage to the other, more stationary object, all things being equal.

Corrected entry: Worf doesn't know that Romulan Ale is illegal? You would think the former Chief of Security of the Federation flagship, the former Strategic Operations Officer for coordinating Klingon Activity in the Bajoran Sector and current Klingon-Federation Ambassador would know this.

Correction: Worf was apparently drunk, and is known for his sarcastic quips, much like this one. Given his history, Worf was making a joke. The joke was then extended with Cmdr. Data's response.

Corrected entry: I'm not a hardcore Trekkie, but Picard's clone needs his blood for a transfusion. After they capture Picard they take a blood sample from him. Now both ships have that technology that enable them to create something from general matter (as in the tea both Picard and the clone order from their respective ships). Why couldn't the clone take Picard's blood sample, feed it into the replicator and make Picard blood by the gallons?

Correction: If the Remans simply replicated the blood that they had already taken from Picard, the replicated blood would be less pure than the original sample. Shinzon needs Picard's blood straight from the veins.

Why would a replicated blood be less pure than the original sample they had already collected from Picard? Why does Shinzon need blood straight Picard's veins?

Corrected entry: When the Remans beam on deck 29, an intruder alert initiates. But where are the advanced internal sensors and force fields like in Star Trek: Voyager? They could just lock them and decompress the area without a single loss.

Correction: After the collision, the self-destruct mechanism didn't work, so the odds are that internal sensors and force fields would be inoperative, too.

Actually the enterprise, and other federation starships would have had safeguards to keep even massive damage from disabling internal sensors, and force fields in case intruders came onboard a ship during battle.

Corrected entry: Given the militaristic nature and pervasive control of the Romulan Government how could a bunch of slaves manage to first build a starship construction facility and then build a technologically advanced starship without it being discovered?

Correction: They did it the exact same way that they left a clone of Picard with a group of the best fighters in the galaxy with the materials available to make a ship like the Scimitar.

Actually building such a massive and technologically advanced ship like the scimitar would have attracted a lot of attention due to how far they would have had to travel to get the resources to build the scimitar so it should have been discovered. And being the best fighters in the galaxy does not mean they would have the knowledge in engineering required to build the scimitar.

Corrected entry: When Shinzon projects himself onto the Enterprise, as he moves around Picard's office, the office lights reflect off his shiny clothing, despite the fact that he isn't in the office. He also throws a shadow on Picard, again despite the fact that he isn't realy there.

Correction: The hologram Shinzon projects is most likely a variation of what the holodeck does- project something there that isn't there and can still interact with the environment - he just did it for himself.

Corrected entry: Since the Federation has had a Klingon ship in their possesion since the time of Kirk and the Search For Spock, it seems unlikely that Federation ships would not now be equipped with cloaking technology, especially since every other race in the Universe appears to have mastered the technology.

Correction: The Federation does not use cloaking technology on moral grounds, not technological. There was also a treaty with the Romulans forbidding the Federation from developing or using cloaking technology.

Well why didn't the federation make allowing them to use or develope cloaking technology one of the conditions in which they would even have a treaty?

Corrected entry: For all his intelligence, Data doesn't seem to be very smart, when it comes to security. They find an android on an alien planet near the Neutral Zone, one that seems to be a Soong-built prototype for Data, but they don't know how it got there. Why does Data think it's a good idea to download all his memories to the strange android? Sentimentality aside, Data has said on many occasions that his loyalty to Starfleet transcends all else. Wouldn't that include keeping his knowledge of how to secretly access the Enterprise's computers to himself?

Correction: Bear in mind they were setting a trap for Shinzon whilst allowing B4 to do this.

Correction: Data has always shown that he has a soft spot for other andriods, and since Captain Picard gave his permission, Data wouldn't have seen any problem with it. B4 certainly up to that point didn't show any capacity to USE that information.

Corrected entry: The Enterprise rams the Scimitar, and the two ships get stuck together. The Scimitar pushes it into reverse and the two ships seperate. But, since there's nothing holding the Enterprise in place, why did they seperate? The Scimitar should have just dragged it.

Correction: As the order 'reverse thrusters' is given, you can see the thrusters physically turning on the outside of the Scimitar. The blast from these thrusters pushes the Scimitar and the Enterprise away from each other.

Corrected entry: When investigating the 'positronic radiation', Picard and his merry men visit the planet of a PRE-WARP civilisation without even the slightest attempt of being discrete. They show off and make a lot of noise, they do not use any sort of camouflage, they engage in combat with the natives, etc. They don't seem to have even bothered to check whether there were any natives near the positronic emanations - the chaingun-wielding ATV drivers take them by surprise. Whatever happened to the Prime Directive ?

Correction: Who is to say they were natives at all? No one ever points that out in the film. They could have been something to do with Shinzon and the ones that buried B4. And Picard and Co are in a motorised terrain vehicle...hardly a futuristic thing.

Correction: They knew from their scans that there were no settlements near the source of the radiation. The natives took them by surprise, granted, but what were they supposed to do, stand around and be killed by them?

Continuity mistake: In the latter half of the movie, Picard looks at a picture of himself from his days as a Starfleet Academy cadet while Beverly looks on too. This picture is actually the actor Tom Hardy (Shinzon, Picard's clone) and he appears with a completely bald/shaved head. Showing Picard bald as a cadet completely contradicts the TNG series. In the TNG episode 'Tapestry', a flashback set in 2327 (the year Picard graduated from the Academy), Picard is shown with a full head of hair. Also, in the TNG episode 'Violations', a flashback set in 2354 shows Picard with a partial head of hair when he takes Beverly to see her dead husband Jack's body. (00:46:25)

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Suggested correction: It's entirely reasonable that he might have shaved his head for a time. People don't necessarily keep the same hairstyle their entire life.

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Captain Picard: In his quest to be more like us, he helped show us what it means to be human.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, B-4 starts singing, causing Picard to smile because he knows Data's memories are surfacing. This is almost identical to a scene in Voyager when the Doctor was copied onto the matrix of Dr. Zimmerman to restore his program. It ended with Kes having the identical reaction that Picard had to B-4.

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Question: If Shinzon is Picard's clone, wouldn't it have been easier to have Patrick Stewart play both parts? Tom Hardy doesn't even look like Stewart.

Answer: Shinzon was always intended to be much younger than Picard - the whole point is that he's a Romulan project that was ultimately abandoned - he hasn't gone through the accelerated aging process. Patrick Stewart could not have convincingly played a version of his character who was that young. And Tom Hardy does bear a distinct resemblance to a young Patrick Stewart if you look properly.

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