Star Trek: Nemesis

Continuity mistake: In the latter half of the movie, Picard looks at a picture of himself from his days as a Starfleet Academy cadet while Beverly looks on too. This picture is actually the actor Tom Hardy (Shinzon, Picard's clone) and he appears with a completely bald/shaved head. Showing Picard bald as a cadet completely contradicts the TNG series. In the TNG episode 'Tapestry', a flashback set in 2327 (the year Picard graduated from the Academy), Picard is shown with a full head of hair. Also, in the TNG episode 'Violations', a flashback set in 2354 shows Picard with a partial head of hair when he takes Beverly to see her dead husband Jack's body. (00:46:25)

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Suggested correction: It's entirely reasonable that he might have shaved his head for a time. People don't necessarily keep the same hairstyle their entire life.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Picard, Data and Worf are on the planet, just a few shots after they leave the shuttle, Picard drives a sharp left curve. If you look at him in this shot, it is not Patrick Stewart sitting on the driver's seat, but his stuntman, who is not even wearing goggles. (00:12:45)

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film, when Picard bends the pole down to stab Shinzon, the pole supposedly goes through him and out the other side, but the prop travels several inches down his waist. A shot later, you can see the prop pushing against Shinzon's clothing, obviously not piercing anything. (01:39:17)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Picard and Data are about to board the Scorpion attack flyer, Picard throws his disruptor rifle to the ground. Yet just seconds later when the Scorpion is about to escape by blasting the entrance to the hangar bay open, no disruptor rifle is seen on the ground. (01:00:08)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Picard and Shinzon are having dinner, one shot shows a wine glass with a little bit of blue liquid in it. The next shot of the same wine glass shows the glass more than half way full. (00:38:50)

Continuity mistake: When Shinzon goes off to fight Picard, he pulls out a knife that has two straight blades that meet together at the points. When the fight occurs, one of the blades is shorter than the other, and they do not meet at the points.


Continuity mistake: Shinzon's outfit changes between shots near the end of the movie. When he is projected via hologram into Picard's ready room, and during the first half of the battle with the Romulan warbirds, Shinzon's shoulder pads are pointed. Halfway through the battle, the shoulder pads change to smaller, flat ones.


Continuity mistake: When the away team first walks into the room to meet Shizon, you see Deanna walking directly behind Picard. The camera angle changes and she is now seen walking next to Worf. (00:28:32)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Data is downloading his info to B-4, when the camera sweeps to show Data, the yellow-green contact in his left eye is crooked. (00:23:40)

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Picard is toasting his crew with wine. In one scene he holds the wine glass by the stem, in the next shot he holds the wine glass by the cup. (01:43:40)

Revealing mistake: In the scene just after Picard, Worf and Data arrive back on the ship with the android parts, while examining B4 Geordi is using a static prop tricorder (The tricorder is soundless and lightless) and when he closes it you hear the plastic prop closing, not the typical clicking tricorder sound.

Captain Picard: In his quest to be more like us, he helped show us what it means to be human.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, B-4 starts singing, causing Picard to smile because he knows Data's memories are surfacing. This is almost identical to a scene in Voyager when the Doctor was copied onto the matrix of Dr. Zimmerman to restore his program. It ended with Kes having the identical reaction that Picard had to B-4.

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Question: Who becomes the Enterprise's new first officer since Data's death? I know about the deleted scene which shows a new first officer meeting Picard, but since it was deleted I assume it never actually happened. The only person I can think of is Worf but does anyone know for sure?

Answer: It's unknown, and, with no TNG films on the horizon, will most likely remain that way for some time. Without information to the contrary, it's probably reasonable to assume that, despite the scene being deleted, Commander Martin Madden (the new first officer seen in that scene) does indeed take the position.

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