Red Dragon

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Norton's wife is target shooting with the revolver, there aren't any bullet heads showing in the cylinder. There's also no recoil as she fires.

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Revealing mistake: When Will's wife shoots Dollarhyde at the end, watch closely when she shoots him for a second time and hits him in the cheek. For about one frame, you can see what looks like a wire coming out of his cheek that has caught some light, and about a half-second later, you can see some sort-of small brownish cap hit the floor on the right side of the screen. (It's very tiny so you have to look closely.) These types of effects are usually accomplished by putting a small prosthetic cap attached to a piece of wire over the bullet wound makeup, which is then pulled from off-screen to reveal the "bullet hole." It looks like both the wire and prosthetic cap both managed to get caught in the shot. (Slow motion or freeze-framing help but aren't required - both the wire and the cap are easy to catch once you see them the first time).


Revealing mistake: When Will stabs an arrow and shoots at Hannibal, a white vest underneath Hannibal's shirt is coming out on the right, to allow for the stunts.

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Continuity mistake: When we first see Will Graham investigating the Jacobi household it is night time, yet once he is inside and heading up the stairs, the window behind him clearly shows daylight.

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Trivia: During the scene when Dolarhyde takes Reba to the zoo, the tiger she pets is not sedated. Because of the humane society they could not sedate the tiger. Instead the trainer is to the left just out of the shot keeping the tiger calm.

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Question: Was there any specific reason that Dolarhyde chose his victims other than through home movies? Was there anything about the families that made him want to kill them?

Answer: His choices had to do with the layout of peoples' property. At his job, he studied customers' family video tapes that contained scenes of their homes and yards. He looked for seclusion around the properties, easy-access back entrances, whether there was a family dog that would bark, and so on.

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But what was his reason for killing them? Was it because he saw a happy family and he was angry because he never had one or because he saw a life that he would never have?

He chose the houses that had big backyards. During the Edward Norton/Lecter interaction, Lector says something about how blood looks in the moonlight.

Answer: "Because it made him a god" as it was put early in the film.

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