Universal Soldier: The Return

Corrected entry: It is established that the Universal Soldiers are more or less remote controlled, depending on the computer Seth to remain operational ("No matter what happens, if Seth doesn't get the code he'll shut down in eight hours, and the UniSols will just go offline."). Nevertheless, after Luc destroyed Seth (in 1:12:10) nobody seems to care for that concept anymore, neither the UniSol Romeo battling Luc for quite some time (1:12:47 - 1:14:13), nor the one chatting with him (directly afterwards), nor the >9 UniSols marching out of the building just before it explodes (1:15:28) - they all seem to be rather operational and 'online'. (00:37:42)

Correction: Presumably Luc was talking about the SETH computer in the base; the bases's computers remained operational even after the UniSol Seth was dead. It is likely that the computers in the base would have kept controlling the UniSols even after Seth's personality was downloaded into squid's body.

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Just as the final fight between Luc and Seth is about to begin, three computer panels are shown to display Seth's different approaches to crack the code he requires to survive. While the two LCDs to the left and right have the output of a brute-force algorithm simply guessing all possible combinations for the code, the CRT-monitor in the middle shows Luc's severely injured daughter which Seth offered to heal in exchange for Luc telling him the code. However, if you have a closer look at the screen it states "HEALING COMPLETE" (even with a blinking frame around it), although close-ups of the "Rejuvo-booth program" before (e.g. at 1:08:00) and after (e.g. at 1:09:24) this shot claim it to be "INCOMPLETE".



The termination code for Seth is "NCC170182461VIR" - whoever came up with that probably also likes "Star Trek" since the USS Enterprise's registration number reads 'NCC-1701'. That the following numbers add to 10 in pairs of two (8 2 and 4 6) while 'VIR' is the Latin word for 'man' (which 99% of the film's cast are) might simply be a coincidence - but then, perhaps not...