The Rescuers Down Under

Corrected entry: During the opening titles, when the camera is zooming throughout the plains, you can hear a rattlesnake in the background. There are no rattlesnakes in Australia.

Correction: It's not a rattlesnake but rather part of the percussion of the background music.


Corrected entry: When Bernard, Miss Bianca, and Jake are on their way to rescue Cody, they ride fireflies at night. Fireflies are only native to North America.

Correction: Wrong. Fireflies live from Sydney northwards to the tropical north. Check this website for the details:


Corrected entry: Bernard isn't at all superstitious in this film even though they made such a big deal out of it in film one.

Correction: Well, Bernard is not really the same mouse now. He's changed, so he wouldn't necessarily be superstitious anymore.

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When McLeach discovers Cody in the hole, McLeach reaches in with his shotgun to help Cody out. It would have to be a very large gun to reach into the bottom of the hole, yet when Cody is pulled out, the gun is shown to be quite small.



This film features an Albatross named Wilbur. The first film featured an Albatross named Orville. These two names (Wilbur and Orville) were the first names of the Wright Brothers.