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Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

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Corrected entry: Holly lives on the second floor and she goes up the fire escape to Paul's apartment on the third floor. However when Paul returns from shopping he enters the building and goes right into his apartment on the first floor.


Correction: Actually, the first door to the right of the screen leads to the staircase, which is locked unless you have a key, or you buzz Mr Yumioshi.

Corrected entry: In the party scene at Holly's house, when Paul Varjak sees that Holly's cigarette is about to put a lady's hat on fire, he runs towards it, tilting the bird cage on the column, crossing a lady in a pearly ivory coloured dress. When he sees that the fire was extinguished, he's back at the same spot behind the lady when he touches his glass to her back, and the column is straight. (00:29:55 - 00:30:30)

Correction: Of course the column is straight - it never totally fell over to begin with. It is only "tipped", and is on its way down when it hits someone and is stopped. Obviously they stood it back up. The party is way too crowded for that thing to have ever made it to the floor.


Corrected entry: Early in the film when George Peppard wakes Audrey Hepburn by knocking on her door, she is in bed wearing only one earplug, but when she stands at the door talking to him she has to unplug both her ears.

Correction: She is indeed wearing two ear plugs. You can see the second one dangling from her far ear as she walks from the bedroom to answer the door.


Corrected entry: During the party scene at Holly's house, her cigarette holder starts out very long but after she lights the lady's hat on fire it becomes short. The next shot it's long again.

Correction: There is no change in length in the scenes you mention - only foreshortening. However, the holder is much shorter later during the party when Holly tells her drunk model friend she is being a bore. That is because it is a telescoping holder. There are many close-up shots of it during the party where you can confirm this.


Corrected entry: In the party scene, Holly lights someones' hat with her cigarette. Yet she puts it out with an alcoholic drink. This should make the fire worse and not put it out.

Correction: Most alcoholic drinks don't have a high enough alcohol content to catch fire and would serve perfectly well to put out a small fire.

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Corrected entry: Mr Yunioshi is obviously Japanese - his name, the fact that he pronounces Holly's name "GoRightly" all prove it, however in other words that contain an L he does not pronounce them as an R, even though he should.

Correction: If pronunciation is the deciding factor then he should be saying "GoRightRy". Japanese do not consistently pronounce every L as an R despite the stereotype.


Corrected entry: When Audrey Hepburn first climbs up the fire escape and hides outside George Peppard's room and sees him asleep in bed while his "decorist" leaves the apartment, she is hiding between two windows against a portion of brick wall that is not much wider that she is. However after the "decorist" leaves and Audrey enters the window, you can see that the layout on the inside does not have two closely placed windows.

Correction: There are two windows in Paul's room. After the crash from her apartment downstairs, she comes inside and quickly passes by the second window as she walks across the room.

Corrected entry: At the end when Paul and Holly are together in the Taxi, Holly changes clothing. The tights she puts on have a hole in them. Why would someone voluntary put a pair of stockings with holes?

Correction: She's just gotten out of overnight jail and is putting on stockings that have been brought from her apartment by Paul - she can't really be picky.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Holly and Paul are riding in the taxi. Holly is on the right and Paul is on the left. When they pull up to the curb they have switched places and Holly is briefly on the left and Paul is on the right. As soon as it goes back to a head on shot they have returned to the original positions.

Correction: All she does is open the door and let the cat out, leaning over Paul's legs. They never switch sides.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when George Peppard is talking to Audrey Hepburn in the alley and it's raining heavily, his hair switches between being combed back and combed to the side. Very obvious - this takes place several times.

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Paul Varjak: Holly, I'm in love with you.
Holly Golightly: So what?
Paul Varjak: So what? So plenty! I love you. You belong to me.
Holly Golightly: No. People don't belong to people.
Paul Varjak: Of course they do.
Holly Golightly: I'm not going to let anyone put me in a cage.
Paul Varjak: I don't want to put you in a cage. I want to love you.
Holly Golightly: It's the same thing.
Paul Varjak: No it's not. Holly...
Holly Golightly: I'm not Holly. I'm not Lula Mae, either. I don't know who I am! I'm like cat here, a couple of no-name slobs. We belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to each other.

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Trivia: Audrey Hepburn gave birth to a nine pound baby three months before filming this movie yet she's still amazingly thin in the film.

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Question: When Paul knocks on Holly's door and she isn't wearing anything, she says to him "would you turn around? Oh, never mind, it's such a silly line anyway - I'll turn around instead." What joke is she referring to?

Answer: Holly is referring to the fact that people often ask others in the room "Will you turn around?" when they are dressing or in the nude, so the person cannot see them naked. She is simply stating she thinks it is odd that the second person is always asked to turn around, when the person herself could turn around.

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