Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Calvin is sitting on a couch and his pregnant wife comes in with a mug of something and sits next to Calvin. They start to talk and she takes her left hand off of the mug and lays it on the side of her stomach. The camera angle cuts to the back of the couch and both of her hands are on the mug. The camera angle cuts back to the front and her had is on her belly again.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Continuity mistake: When Eddie is eating the fried chicken and giving a speech about having seniority, look at the picture on the mirror behind him, it's on the bottom right corner. When the shot widens the picture moves up towards the middle of the mirror.


Continuity mistake: After Calvin tells the barbers not to buy any more things from the guy who always comes into the shop to solicit, we see Ricky trying to drop/hide a phone which he has apparently just purchased. Problem is he had given the phone back to the sales guy earlier.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Calvin and Janelle are opening their shops and having a quick conversation, it shows Calvin in one shot taking off his padlock, then in another it shows him shaking the lock off of his key and letting it fall, then another shot, you can see him taking the lock off with his hand. (00:06:02)

Continuity mistake: When Calvin's wife comes in to ask him about why the guy that he is selling the shop to was there, before she leaves her jacket is sitting her chair as she gets up and when she walks out the door, it suddenly appears on her.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where a guy is getting shaved by Ricky, Cedric the entertainer comes over to show them how things should be done and gives them a little speech. When Cedric tells the white guy to get him a hot towel, Cedric puts it over the face of the guy who's getting shaved, you see the towel around his face and then the next shot it disappears.

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