Barbershop (2002)

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Corrected entry: When JD goes to his Grandma's house to use her tools to open the ATM, he picks up bolt cutters that have a piece welded to the back so that the cutters do not open. JD presses the handles and is excited that they work but the top part never opens.

Correction: Bolt cutters do not open when pressed. You pull the handles apart to open. They are working correctly in this scene. I have the same cutters.

Corrected entry: When Billy is in the motel room trying to open the ATM machine with the axe, he takes a couple swings at it and accidentally hits the lamp causing the light to break and go out. As they cut to different shots of him swinging at the ATM, you see the light from the broken lamp going on and off. (00:44:50)


Correction: Broken lights often flicker on and off for periods of time.

Corrected entry: During the part when Calvin is telling everyone in the barbershop that he sold the shop. After he comes in from the DARK outside, where he ws talking to Cedric the Entertainer. It appears to be light outside, and you can see lines of sunlight (the sun poking through the open vertical blinds) on the barbers' faces.

Correction: The light that is shining through the blinds is coming from the streetlights.

Corrected entry: During the movie they make numerous references to Ricky being on his third strike, so he would go to prison for life. The movie takes place in Chicago where there is no three strikes rule.

Correction: Illinois does have a 3 strike rule.

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