Yours, Mine and Ours

Factual error: In the scene where Frank is giving Helen a ride home from the Japanese Restaurant, when they drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, you see them pass three support towers when there are only two on the real bridge. There are also exit signs that disappear just before they pass the third tower.

Factual error: When Mike is leaving to join the Marines he is in full uniform. Uniforms are not issued to new recruits until after they are processed in. They arrive at Camp Pendleton in civvies.

Factual error: At the start of the movie, Frank is shown departing the Enterprise along with enlisted men. On large ships such as carriers, there are two separate brows (i.e., "gangplanks"), one for officers and one for enlisted personnel.


Factual error: When Mike walks away at the end he is in uniform. No recruits are issued uniforms until they arrive at camp.

Continuity mistake: When Helen and Frank are out on their first date, Helen loses her slip in the bar and Frank retrieves it. After that, Helen's slip mysteriously disappears because she is obviously not wearing it (since the girls cut her dress, she would've had to have pinned it back up or else it would be visible). Also, Helen's purse is too small to stuff it into and Frank didn't bring anything to carry it in.

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Frank Beardsley: Is that all? Why didn't she tell me?
Helen North: Because you would have said, "Is that all?"

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Trivia: Tim Matheson (Mike) and Jennifer Leak (Colleen) later married after meeting on the set of the movie.

Jeff Swanson
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