Yours, Mine and Ours

About a year after the death of each other's spouses, chance meetings at the comissary and dispensery bring Frank Beardsley and Helen North together. They decide to go on a date, but are scared to tell each other their secret: He has 10 children and she has 8. Reluctantly, they tell each other and feel they shouldn't see each other anymore. Through a scheme hatched by Darryl, a mutual friend, they realize that they love each other and shouldn't let their children spoil their chances together. Frank's brood really dislikes Helen, but Frank is fed up that they keep trying to ruin his love life and decides that he wants to marry Helen. When both families move into a new house and a new life after the marriage, it is a struggle for them to become one family, rather than two families living together.

Jacob Daniel

Continuity mistake: In their first night at the new house the Beardsley's lose power completely. When the doctor arrives (Tom Bosley) he rings the electric doorbell.

BocaDavie Premium member
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Frank Beardsley: Is that all? Why didn't she tell me?
Helen North: Because you would have said, "Is that all?"

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Trivia: Tim Matheson (Mike) and Jennifer Leak (Colleen) later married after meeting on the set of the movie.

Jeff Swanson
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