Audio problem: When Tori says "something was rubbing my leg" her mouth doesn't move in the shot when she says "my leg."


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Audio problem: When Tori finds the Leprechaun in Mr. O'Grady's wheelchair, she runs out of the room. We hear her crying in horror but her lips do not move at all.

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Audio problem: After giving the Leprechaun his sack of gold by the well, Tori runs back to the house and screams cries of terror, yet her mouth is clearly shut.


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After Nathan pours the gasoline and throws the match in the well, we see a canister and shotgun sitting by well. But when the well explodes, they've disappeared.



When Jennifer Aniston answers the phone and the Leprechaun's hand comes out, it's an homage to the scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street, when the main character was talking on the phone and it suddenly turned into Freddy's mouth and tounge.