Muppet Treasure Island

Corrected entry: When Gonzo Rizzo are on deck, Gonzo is eating an apple and Rizzo is talking about a funny feeling he had. Gonzo takes a few bites from apple and you can see the string attached to his hand.

Correction: You can see that the muppets are made out of cloth too, but neither of these things is a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: When the Muppets and Jim are fighting Long John Silver and his men towards the end, why mid battle does everybody suddenly have a different bright white open shirt? Even Miss Piggy has one.

Correction: It's meant to be somewhat of a joke; that's the way all Muppet movies are made. This doesn't even qualify as a deliberate mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the Admiral Benbow, the landlady shouts to Jim not to give Billy Bones any more rum. Billy Bones replies, "How does she bloomin' do that?" but his lips are quite obviously mouthing the word bloody.

Correction: He says "How does she bloody do that?"

Corrected entry: The gun that Long John Silver uses only fires one bullet at a time and takes at least a minute to reload. In the scene where the boar tribe try and stop him from attacking Kermit and Miss Piggy, he fires the gun at the chief of the tribe. However, he proceeds to cock the gun a second time and point it at Kermit and Miss Piggy without reloading.

Correction: Long John Silver has a second gun in his belt (as shown when they discover the treasure is gone and he is holding off the crew) there is plenty of time for him to drop the discharged gun and pull out the second.

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