Continuity mistake: Ben pulls Madison into the pool and her hair is straight. When she's dead, her curls magically appear. (01:18:30 - 01:20:00)

Continuity mistake: When Ben drops off Madison at her house, from the passenger side, you can see he has his seat belt on. When he drives away its off.

Factual error: All NJ local police cars follow state law by having valid license plates on the front and back of the car. Only in NYC do they have plates like the one shown at the end: on the front of the car is an all white plate with blue lettering and the four-digit car number.


Other mistake: If Madison can't swim then how is she going in the water, up to her shoulders, towards Ben prior to them having sex?


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Suggested correction: She trusts Ben will not let her drown and holds on to him, keeping her up.


No if you watch she's several feet in there away from him and the ladder behind her and this is the deep end of the pool.


Character mistake: When Ben and Amy are in the diner discussing their college plans and getting an apartment, Ben calls her "Annie" instead of "Amy." (00:10:10)

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Suggested correction: He says "Amy. Amy." He says it quickly though because he's trying to stop her train of thought since he hasn't even been accepted into college yet.


Plot hole: It's completely unbelievable that a police officer would sit in the back next to Madison instead of the front, or cuff her with her hands in front of her instead of behind her, or sit next to her with their gun in her reach. This would undoubtedly put the officers in a dangerous risk that they would certainly be more observant of.

Revealing mistake: When Ben looks at the picture of Madison, it shows her hands supposedly covering her breasts. But you can see the flesh colored cloth that's protecting her modesty.

Other mistake: When Madison is arrested and in the back of a Saddle River police car, there is no railroad crossing anywhere in or around Saddle River matching where they supposedly stopped at.


Continuity mistake: When Ben is teaching Madison how to swim, the depth of the pool goes from 9ft to 8ft when they move in deeper.

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