Other mistake: When Madison is giving a cello concert at her house, there is vibrato in the music that she doesn't do while playing. In the music, there are low notes on the C and G strings, but she only fingers on the A string, and sometimes she forgets to move the bow while playing.

Other mistake: If Madison can't swim then how is she going in the water, up to her shoulders, towards Ben prior to them having sex?


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Suggested correction: She trusts Ben will not let her drown and holds on to him, keeping her up.


No if you watch she's several feet in there away from him and the ladder behind her and this is the deep end of the pool.


Other mistake: When Madison is arrested and in the back of a Saddle River police car, there is no railroad crossing anywhere in or around Saddle River matching where they supposedly stopped at.


Continuity mistake: When the main character is swimming and then bumps into Josh who is dead, in the shot underwater there is a lot of blood, but when it cuts to above the water, there is no blood in the water, and when it cuts back to below the water, there is a lot of blood again.

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