Factual error: There is no way Ben would get his drug test results back the same day. High school athletes are also rarely even tested for drug use, this occurs mostly in Collegiate and Pro sports. Also, when athletes are tested, a witness of the same sex is always present. The urine is then sent to a lab for testing which can take at least a few days.

Factual error: All NJ local police cars follow state law by having valid license plates on the front and back of the car. Only in NYC do they have plates like the one shown at the end: on the front of the car is an all white plate with blue lettering and the four-digit car number.


Other mistake: When Madison is giving a cello concert at her house, there is vibrato in the music that she doesn't do while playing. In the music, there are low notes on the C and G strings, but she only fingers on the A string, and sometimes she forgets to move the bow while playing.

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