Corrected entry: When Ben is in Madison's room he discovers the anabolic steroid that she gave to him. If one reads the label it says "for intramuscular or deep subcutaneous use" and "1000mcg/mL. This means that in order to give it to him she had to inject it using a syringe. If she injected it to him he would have felt it. Also it would have been a liquid anabolic steroid since its "1000mcg/mL, not pill therefore it would have been stored in a vial not in a plastic container.

Correction: We learn in the movie that Madison is crazy and will do anything to either get Ben or mess up his life. It is not a stretch to believe that Madison injected herself with the steroids and switched his urine sample with her own. She also changed the medication on his cart at work which almost killed the old man and she also tried to kill Amy. Madison is not a sane person but is very crafty.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Madison pushes Amy into the pool handcuffed, Ben dives in to save her. First of all, if he had to come up for air once then how would an unconscious Amy survive? Secondly, in order to undo the handcuffs, he amazingly had the bobby pin in his pants pocket that Madison gave him to open her locker when they first met. If Ben had hated her so much, why would he keep that bobby pin which was a gift of affection?

Correction: Ben had the pin because he had placed it in the back pocket of his jeans, forgotten about it, and in that moment realized he still had it.

Correction: My thought was, did he not wash that pair of jeans even once through this entire experience? Quite a coincidence that he would be wearing that pair of pants and, especially, that he would remember that the tiny barrette was there during a life and death situation.

Corrected entry: In the next to last scene in the movie, we see Ben watching a teammate win a race. This would not have happened. Getting kicked off the swim team would be the least of Ben's problems. Every school in America has zero tolerance drug policies. Ben would have been called to the principal's office the day after the drug test and given an automatic 10 to 14 day suspension from school. He would then be told that an expulsion hearing would be scheduled within 10 to 14 days. Ben would not have been allowed on school property during any part of the suspension. Most likely Ben would have been expelled from school as he could offer no proof that he did not take the steroids and the hearing is done on a guilty til proven innocent theory. Finding the steroids in Madison's bedroom would not enable Ben to prove he did not take them. Thus Ben would not be allowed to graduate high school.

Correction: That's not necessarily true. My high school, for example, will let you off with a simple 10 day suspension for a first offense with drug possession/use.

Correction: Considering that Madison was caught on tape confessing to her actions and ultimately arrested, does it really sound like that much of a stretch for the police to take Ben at his word because he was proven innocent? Also, who ever said that it's been a couple weeks since he went back to the school to watch the swim meet? For all we know, it's been a few months.

Corrected entry: When the mother gets knocked out, and you see her on the ground, there is a mysterious bologna sandwich that appears out of nowhere next to her on the ground.

Correction: Aas Ben walked into the house, his Mom was making bologna sandwiches in the kitchen, before she was knocked out.

Corrected entry: It was never said why everyone was wierd towards Christopher, Madison's cousin. He seemed pretty coherent and mentally stable...so why was he treated so oddly?

Correction: Anyone who has been to high school, at least those who keep their eyes open to what happens around you, knows that people in high school are treated differently and oddly for all kinds of reasons. We just weren't presented these reasons in the movie.

Corrected entry: If the swim meet that the college scouts were at was as important to Ben as it was supposed to be, then Ben would have not gone to morning practice because he would have been tapering for the meet. Also, Ben would have had all the hair shaved from his body.

Correction: Its only for state that guys shave their body for a meet, and recruters don't usually go to a high school meet, they goto the state meets.

Corrected entry: In the final swimming pool showdown, Madison pushes Amy into the pool. Amy is handcuffed only by her hands, yet she does not move her legs whatsoever. Amy doesn't struggle at all, she seems dead as soon as she hits the bottom. She's not frantic or worried, she just lifelessly sits in her chair and waits for Ben to free her.

Correction: She just got out of the hospital, and was still under medication.

Corrected entry: Why can't swimdude lift his girlfriend off the bottom of the pool? He can't budge her even by straining and pushing off the bottom with both feet. They're nearly weightless underwater. How much could that chair weigh? As soon as he removes the cuffs, they go straight up to the surface. That must be one heavy chair, a couple of hundred pounds at least.

Correction: If you've ever gone in a pool with a 10lb. rock, it feels heavier when your in the water. It would be almost impossible for him to bring up the chair with her in it, because it would be heavier. If you weigh less than the object your tying to bring up, its almost physically impossible.

Corrected entry: Madison used an oral dosage form of testosterone to spike the drug test. Testosterone is almost always a parenteral (injectable) drug because it isn't absorbed readily in the small intestine.


Correction: "Almost always", and it's harder to give someone an injection without their knowledge than an oral dose.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: Madison hits Amy with a truck while Amy is driving a scooter, yet in the hospital, Amy only has a few scratches and bruises. If someone was hit by a large truck while riding a small scooter, they would have gotten much more extensive injuries, if not been killed from the sheer force of impact.

Correction: We are never really told the extent of Amy's injuries; they're obviously bad enough that Amy needs to stay in the hospital, certainly more than just "a couple of scratches and bruises." The only reason Amy leaves the hospital is because Madison kidnapped her from it.


No, Madison kidnaps her from Ben's house.

Corrected entry: The cops at the end of the movie really fouled up. First, since Swimfan has been arrested for murder, she should be handcuffed behind her back, not in front. Second, ALWAYS keep your body between the suspect and your weapon. The fact that the cop's pistol was towards SwimFan (not opposite the officer) and she was handcuffed, thus letting her get the gun and shoot both officers, should never have happened.

Correction: Another example of a character mistake not a movie mistake. Poor judgement, even when resulting in death, is still a poor decision making made by the character that anybody could make, not a movie error.


Corrected entry: Ben gets fired from his job after Madison apparently changes medicines on the medicine cart he's pushing. But if I'm not mistaken, isn't Ben supposed to be in high-school? No hospital or nursing home would allow just anyone to pass medication without certain criteria being met, it would be illegal and jeopardise their license. Part of the requirement to be a Certified Medicine Aide is that you must already have been a Certified Nursing Assistant for at least a year. I highly doubt that a kid still in high-school has worked as a CNA (which requires a lengthy class of its own) for a year, and taken a 3-month Medicine Aide course. The bottom line is that there's no way he was qualified to be pushing that medicine cart to begin with.

Correction: It would depend on the law in the state where he was working. I am a certified medication aide and only had to take an 80 hour course to be certified, was never a CNA.

Corrected entry: Madison could not have possibly retreived the gun from the policeman in the car. In police cars, there should be a metal grate between the front seats and the back seats.

Correction: Madison got the gun from the police officer who was sitting in the back seat with her.

Corrected entry: When Madison has drowned, her body isn't floating like dead bodies should.

Correction: Dead bodies do not automatically float. After the person dies, it takes a few hours for the body to actually float.

Corrected entry: When Ben gives the wrong medication to the old man and a code blue is called, how exactly is the code blue triggered? When Ben is giving the man his medication a minute earlier, there aren't any IV, tubes or wires connected to the man.

Correction: I thought of this also. I work in healthcare and an IV does not alert staff to a code blue.

Correction: He is connected to an IV. It's taped to his arm in plain view. And the machine is next to his bed.


Continuity mistake: When swimfan85 is trying to talk to Ben and he tells her he has homework to get done, she is talking with the nick name swimfan85 but when she signs off it says "swimfan has signed off." They forgot to add the 85.

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