Strangers on a Train

When Guy refuses to kill Bruno's father, Bruno then tries to frame Guy for his ex-wife's murder by putting Guy's lighter back at the scene of the crime at the carnivale. When Guy finds out about this, he follows Bruno to the carnivale to try and stop him. Guy then finds Bruno and they both start to fight on a carousel, which goes out of control when a police officer accidentally shoots the guy who controls the carousel. To stop the out of control carousel, an old guy crawls under it and eventually turns the carousel off, which causes it to crash. The crash kills Bruno which makes him open his hand and reveal the lighter, telling the cops that Bruno, not Guy, killed Guy's ex-wife, Miriam.

Big Evil

Factual error: When Bruno is on his way to Union Station, he's heading on a bridge away from the Lincoln Memorial, which means he's leaving Washington D.C. for Arlington, Virginia, or in other words, he's going the wrong way.

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Senator Morton: I'll have him called up immediately.
Barbara Morton: Obstructing the wheels of justice, Daddy?

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Trivia: When mom exposes her pretty scary painting to Bruno it very much resembles the key scene in the film "The Picture of Dorian Gray" from 1945.


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