A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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Continuity mistake: When the frozen Fairy shatters, part of her legs and waist remain standing. When David is touched by the alien, half a second later, those remains are completely different.


Continuity mistake: When stranding David, the mother cries, "I gotta leave", and then her hand swaps from resting on his shoulder with extended fingers, to clutching his shoulder, between shots.


Continuity mistake: About to strand David, his mother stops the car for a brief second. When she continues driving, a large amount of debris has appeared on the road.


Continuity mistake: While being operated, the way David's sweatshirt is folded differs between the front and back shot, when he says, "Mom, it doesn't hurt."


Trivia: In Philip K. Dick's short story "Type II" which became the movie Screamers, the Type III robot was a small boy named David, carrying a Teddy.

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Question: Why did Teddy growl in the helicopter when the trio arrived at Manhattan?


Chosen answer: It was dangerous for Mecha to go there; he was afraid for David's safety.

David R Turner

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