Get Carter

Get Carter (1971)

Ending / spoiler

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Carter kills Margaret the hooker and plants her body in Kinnear's mansion's grounds. Kinnear is arrested but not before he calls out a hit on Carter. Carter catches up with Eric, who killed his brother and there is an on-foot chase which ends on a beach. Eric collapses with exhaustion and Carter catches up with him forcing him to drink a whole bottle of whisky just like he did to Carter's brother. When he finishes he cracks his skull with the stock of his shotgun and dumps the body in the sea via the waste coal conveyor. Smiling, because he has at last avenged his brother, Carter prepares to throw his gun in the sea, feeling he can go back to his life. But he is then shot from afar, by the hitman Kinnear hired earlier on. The hitman walks away and the last shot is of the waves lapping over Carter's body.

Matt Barnes

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