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Corrected entry: In the "drink up and die" sequence at the end of the film, Jack Carter is chasing Eric Paice along a coal landing wharf, saying "You couldn't win an egg and spoon race, Eric". Eric jumps, shot, they are running across a filthy stormy beach. The coal landing wharf was at Cambois Staithes, Blyth, Northumberland. The filthy beach was at Blackhall, County Durham. The two are over 37 miles apart. Even Sir Michael Caine can't jump over 37 miles in a single leap... (01:40:30)

Correction: Unless there is an obvious physical discontinuity between the two scenes, then this is not a film mistake. Using one location for another is not a mistake, it is part of the film making process.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack Carter stabs Albert Swift to death (in the toilets at the back of the betting shop) we only see a teaspoon-sized bloodstain on Albert's shirt. If you stab someone through the heart with a knife, you'd usually see more blood then that. (There were at least two takes of this scene - one with lots of blood, and a 'toned down' version with very little. At the request of the BBFC Censors, the 'toned down' version was the one used)

Correction: He doesn't get stabbed in the heart. Jack stabs him in the left side of his stomach/gut area.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack Carter is chasing Thorpey, Thorpey hides by going into a dance hall. Watch for one brief shot of the dance floor - there's a tall skinny youth on the dance floor wearing an orange shirt and a black waistcoat. This shot was the (uncredited) screen debut of Jimmy Nail - later of "Auf Weidershen, Pet" fame (00:42:00 - 00:43:00)

Correction: Jimmy Nail is not on the dance floor. I froze the DVD to take a good look. It's well known he is next to the entrance of the night club when Caine walks in. I made an entire web site devoted to the film.

Corrected entry: In the 'drink up and die' sequence near the end of the film, Jack Carter is chasing Eric Paice. Carter is carrying a loaded shot gun. (He even says "move away from the car - or I'll blow you away"). Yet Jack Carter killed Eric by smashing his skull in with the gun butt. Why didn't Carter just shoot Eric with the gun? After all he couldn't miss - Eric was lying on the beach when they were less than 2 ft apart...

Correction: Because he didn't want to. Eric had killed his brother and Carter wanted to make him suffer - thus, the "drink up and die" sequence. So, shooting Eric wasn't enough for Carter. That's why he cracked up the guy's head instead of merely shooting him.

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