Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Revealing mistake: In the memory scene, young Freddy kills a hamster with a hammer. But you can blatantly see that he hides the hamster under the table and then pretends to hit it with the hammer. (01:10:20)

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Suggested correction: I just watched the scene in question, and he most certainly does not "blatantly put the hamster under the table." In fact, the scene is filmed in closeup and you can't see where he puts the hamster, but the motion of his arms seems to suggest he puts it directly down on top of the table.

Wrong. I watched this scene carefully and I saw young Freddy hiding the hamster under the table. It's much too obvious, even without slow motion. This entry is correct. This is a mistake.

Other mistake: Why hasn't there been a mention of Freddy having a child in previous films? Couldn't be because they covered it up, as soon as Freddy was discovered to be the Springwood slasher the media would have been all over him and his family.

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Suggested correction: Throughout the entire series, it's shown that there's sort a miniature conspiracy going on where the people of Springwood have been trying to make everyone forget about Kruger, including actively suppressing evidence. It's possible that when he was initially caught, the media was aware of his daughter, but not only would it not have been that big a deal (they were focused on him- not his family) in the decades that have passed since his original "death", the information was likely covered up or ignored in favor of trying to make everyone forget about it. (Hence, even Maggie doesn't know Freddy is her father.) Furthermore, the fact he has a daughter has basically no impact whatsoever on the story thus far, so it makes sense it hasn't been brought up before.

It has never been shown in any nightmare film that there is a cover up conspiracy until Freddy vs Jason (which takes place 5 years after this film), and that cover up begins after the events in this film, evidenced by many characters saying it's been quiet for 5 years.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy is controlling Spencer in the video game you see from Freddy's view that his legs are crossed on the table. When it cuts to in front of Freddy he has one foot only on the table. (00:42:25)

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Freddy Krueger: Kung fu this, bitch.
Tracy: This is my dream, and I do what I want.
Freddy Krueger: Might be your dream, but it's my rules.

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Trivia: Shock Rock legend Alice Cooper has an uncredited appearance in this movie as Freddy's stepfather.

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