Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Corrected entry: When Carlos goes to sleep, he encounters Freddy in his dream and gets his right ear cut off. Later you see Carlos get back his ear and put it on the left side of his head.


Correction: First, Carlos gets another hearingaid NOT his ear. And also, it's not even his hearingaid, but one Freddy juiced up to majorly magnify souds he caused.

Corrected entry: After Freddy's daughter finds out she is adopted she walks past a newspaper dispenser and the headline reads "nine ten never sleep again". If you look up to the top of the paper it reads "Springwood Gazette" but they have already left Springwood so wouldn't it be the paper of the town they were now in? (00:58:29)

Correction: There are many small towns that don't have their own newspaper, and therefore carry the newspaper of a larger, nearby town, and the towns surrounding Springwood is such an example.

Corrected entry: When Freddy swaps Carlos' hearing aid for the one which makes everything super loud, why does it only amplify certain things (i.e. the tap, the nails and the blackboard) and not everything?

Correction: Well, this is a DREAM. One that is also manipulated by Freddy. If he wanted the earpeice to amplify only certain thing, that's what it would do.

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Doc: You're getting ready to kill somebody.
Tracy: Defend myself.
Doc: It's your mind he'll go for. Your fear.

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Trivia: Shock Rock legend Alice Cooper has an uncredited appearance in this movie as Freddy's stepfather.

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Question: What were other children singing/chanting when young Freddy used hammer to kill the hamster?

Answer: "Son of a hundred maniacs." Freddy was conceived when his mother, Amanda, was accidentally locked in a ward of violent mental patients and gang raped.

Brian Katcher

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