The Chase

Revealing mistake: When the BMW joins the freeway, the cop car follows. If you look, you can see planks for the cop car to go up the curb safely.


Revealing mistake: When driving along the freeway, there is a reflection in the windscreen of some clouds. For about three minutes, this reflection does not move. If you're traveling at over 80mph as shown, surely in three minutes the reflection would have changed. (00:21:15)


Revealing mistake: When the police car flips on the highway, we can see the film crew in the other car filming it. In this shot you can see the canister used to flip the car on the highway. (00:27:20)


Continuity mistake: In the movie Christie Swanson drives a BMW 3 series coupe. In the scene where they were making love the car suddenly changes to a four door model then back to a two door. (00:06:10)

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Jack Hammond: That's the question on the minds of all your viewers? Whether I run out of gas or not? Tell you what, Jer. You let your viewers know that I hope Miss Voss' fear and my desperation are entertainment enough for them. After all, that is what this is all about, isn't it? The story. As it breaks. Live. Coming to you from the bad guy himself. I mean we wouldn't want your viewers to change the fucking channel, now, would we?

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Question: There is a moment when a police officer, riding shotgun in a pursuit car, aims his shotgun out the window at the red car. Is he planning just to shoot the tires or to actually get a shot at Hammond? What is he trying to do before Hammond grabs the handgun and shoots out the cop car's tire?

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