Getting There

That is exactly what sixteen years old, newly drivers, Kylie and Taylor Hunter did right after their sweet sixteenth birthday. The two girls went with their best friends, Jen, Lyndi, Toast, Danny, and Sam took a road trip to go to Salt Lake city for the Winter Olympics. After running into some problems on their trip, they decide to go on a plane but ends up in the wrong San. The girls end up in San Diego and the boys are in Santa Babera. They decide to take the bus to Las Vegas to get on a plan to go to Salt Lake City. When the bus stops for a rest stop, Lyndi, Taylor, and Danny goes off the bus to get some food. Unfortunatly, the three of them end up on another bus and is stuck in the middle of no where. That is where Taylor meets up with Charley, the orange king's daughter. While Taylor is in the middle of no where, Kylie, Sam, Jen, and Toast are in Las Vegas where they help out an Elvis impersonater who does weddings. Charley was nice enought to let them use her father's plane and go to Las Vegas to pick up the others then go to Salt Lake City.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are getting their driver's photos, they switch between a front view and a back view of the girls. When they show the back of Mary-Kate, she is shown wearing a jean jacket. But she is actually wearing a white shirt. Ashley is the one wearing the jean jacket. They show the same back angle shot for each girl. (00:05:10)

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