Getting There

Getting There (2002)

Ending / spoiler

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Mary-Kate (Taylor) and Ashley (Kylie) and their friends finally make it to Utah after they meet a rich girl, Charlie, and fly down in her father's private jet. They end up missing all the events in the Winter Olympics. Alex Rodriguez doesn't win the gold medal. Kylie goes skiing with a mystery man who she later learns was her idol, Alez Rodriguez. Taylor doesn't go out with Sam. Toast and Jenn Moore go out. Lyndi and the guy she likes get together. Charlie moves to LA for school. The twins get their car back.

Riley Finn

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are getting their driver's photos, they switch between a front view and a back view of the girls. When they show the back of Mary-Kate, she is shown wearing a jean jacket. But she is actually wearing a white shirt. Ashley is the one wearing the jean jacket. They show the same back angle shot for each girl. (00:05:10)

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