The Meaning of Life

Corrected entry: During 'Christmas in Heaven' when the girls go into the air, you can see wires holding them.


Correction: It is a stage presentation put on as a show for the 'guests' in heaven, the actresses are supposed to be on wires. No mistake.

Corrected entry: In the marching scene when the guy said he wants to be home with the wife and kids, when you see a shot of the back of his head, you see his mouth move, but you don't hear anything.


Correction: No, immediately as he starts to talk the camera switches from behind him to in front. There is no mistake here.


Corrected entry: When the waiter leads the viewer to his childhood home, he wears his napkin over the same arm throughout except for one shot, when it suddenly changes to the other arm and then back again.

Correction: It's not a different shot; it's a completely different scene. The waiter has plenty of time before and after to change the napkin from one arm to the other and back.


Corrected entry: Watch Eric Idle after he dies in the 'Fighting Each Other' section. He's trying not to laugh during the 'slicing the lemons, mixing the sugar and the almonds' speech.

Correction: He may be trying not to laugh but it looks exactly like a grimace of pain, which isn't out of place for a dying man.


Corrected entry: During the sperm song, all the kids are in the living room. After the girl with no front teeth sings, all the kids stand up and say in unison "Every sperm is wanted." In the front shot, watch the kid in the green jumper. He forgets the word wanted and only starts singing it when the other kids do. It's quite funny. (Only noticeable on Special Edition DVD).

Correction: Amusing as this may be to watch, it isn't a film mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the sequence where John Cleese and Graham Chapman involuntarily remove a man's liver, watch John Cleese as he steps into the background of the shot. He is giggling and struggling to control himself. The sequence is so messy they likely were trying to get it in one take.

Correction: Cleese's character is supposed to still be giggling after the last shot, where the woman asked if they were real doctors and they started laughing.

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During The Miracle of Birth Part 1, when the guy goes into the operating room, the girl puts the gown on the first doctor. It's barely on, but, in the next, wider shot of him, it's completely on and she's tying the back together.



When the title first appears, it says "Monty Python's Meaning Of Liff," which abruptly changes to "Life" with the title is struck by lightning. Author Douglas Adams (friend of Graham Chapman and occasional Python contributor) contacted Terry Gilliam to ask if he could use the title "The Meaning Of Liff" for a mock dictionary he was writing at about the same time. Adams and the Pythons agreed that the crossover publicity could be mutually beneficial.