Reign of Fire

Corrected entry: Where were they getting the plastic for their theater costumes and the fabric for their clothing? Where were they making ammo for their guns? Where was the pasture for the horses? And why waste food keeping horses alive? The amount of logistical holes in this movie is incredible.

Correction: The plastics & fabric would have arrived with people who came to the castle for safety (if you're going to live together you have to share) & different people would have various skills. Why not keep the horses? Personally I'd use the horses to help move the food back to the castle & if things got really desperate theres another source of food.

Corrected entry: When you open up the "Making of the Dragons" feature on the DVD, it says the movie takes place in 2084 when it in fact takes place in 2020.

Correction: This is not a mistake. Filmmakers can change their ideas while filming. You're referring to a mistake in a special feature, not the actual movie. The movie was originally going to be set in 2084 but it was changed.

Corrected entry: It seems strange to me that they still had working fire extinguishers, especially since they have to be repressurized about every five years.

Correction: Repressurising fire extinguishers every five years is a safety precaution to make sure that they will work when needed. It doesn't mean that they stop working if it's not done.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: After the 20 year leap into the future, Quinn is talking to the engineer (so I assume). Sometime later, the engineer is killed; yet why is he visible during the scene where the Americans are recruiting for the attack on London? He's on the far right.

Correction: When Quinn was talking to the guy that built the blast furnaces earlier in the movie, he wasn't a chemical engineer; just a guy who built blast furnaces and stuff like that. When Quinn, Alex, and Van Dan are talking, he's speaking of the actual chemical engineer who died, who IS NOT the blast furnace maker. There are two entirely different people being referred to here.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Van Zan's troops get attacked by the male dragon in London, they are just standing clustered together, doing little but getting killed. No heavy machine gun nor the tank cannon is fired at the dragon, who takes its time to burn the soldiers. And even if they were caught by surprise, at least the tank crew should not be killed. Especially if Van Zan can survive lying under it.

Correction: Tracer fire is seen just before the dragon toasts the soldiers.

Corrected entry: Supposedly the dragons have burned the whole land to ash, and indeed throughout the movie we never see a single tree. But Van Zan finds plenty of huge logs for a funeral pyre after some of his men died.

Correction: A log pile is visible in several scenes inside the castle, most notably in the scene right after the castle has supposedly burned down (a blooper already mentioned here).


Corrected entry: The first dragon awakes and we are treated with newspaper clippings of their reign of terror and then we jump ahead to 2020 where we see Van Zan taking out dragons with pretty average weapons, so how did the world's combined military forces lose to these things?

Correction: If there were dragons the military would probably use nuclear weapons and bombs, which would burn stuff and create ash - which the dragons feed on, there were probably more dragons than weapons, and you need to kill the male to wipe out the species.

Corrected entry: When the dragon slayers arrive in London they are very concerned about moving quietly so the dragons don't spot them. Why then didn't the dragons spot the helicopter they arrived in?

Correction: They flew near to the cliffs.

Corrected entry: In the end, the male dragon was killed and very soon after that, the world went to peace and people started rebuilding the world. However, where did that thousands of female dragons go? They can't possibly just disappear if they have lived for billions of years already.

Correction: Earlier in the film, Bale says the dragons are running out of food and eating each other. The females must have cannibalized themselves out of existence.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If the C4-Bolts can kill a dragon, then a nuke would be able to as well. Just before the convoy is destroyed by the male dragon, one of the soldiers says "This must have been done by the nukes", referring to the destruction around them. If there were nukes launched nearby, they would easily have reached the area where the male's lair was. No matter how big that male is, a nuke would have killed it.

Correction: True, but a couple of seconds later Van Zan says "nukes didn't do this".

Corrected entry: It was stated that there is one male dragon, which reproduces with all the females. It's strange how there were millions of offspring, and not a single one of them turned out to be a male dragon.

Correction: Very little is known about the dragons' biology, and most of that is theory (observations and experiments are difficult to pull off for obvious reasons). If there is only one male dragon necessary for continuation of the species, it makes little sense to introduce new, younger males that would compete with the old one for food and the harem. Perhaps a new male will only arise when the population requires it, i.e. when the preceding male is dead and the entire population is female, or maybe the lack of a male triggers a female behavior to feed a young dragon royal jelly like ants and bees, turning an unremarkable individual into a queen/king. There are too many unknowns for this to be valid.


Factual error: When the archangels jump from the helicopter, the "bait" is looking behind him saying he can see the dragon. For a parajumper to look between his legs to view behind himself, he would de-arch and thus de-stabilise himself while travelling at that speed. It would send the jumper into a barrel-roll spin.

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Construction Worker #1: Quinn! What are you doing down in the arsehole of the world?
Young Quinn: Well you're passing through it. What does that make you?

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Trivia: In the fight scene between Christian and Matthew, Christian really was head-butted and apparently had a lump the size of an egg on his forehead for some time afterwards - notice how his hair is more down over his forehead in some scenes than others to hide the lump.

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