Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Tingle is holding the diary in the classroom, you can see that her nails are short, but later in the movie when her right hand is untied by Jo Lynn, she has long nails.

Continuity mistake: Just before Mrs. Tingle shoots the arrow and accidentally hits Trudy, Leigh Ann is near the door trying to escape. She opens the lock, disappears and then the arrow hits Trudy. She couldn't have escaped without running into Trudy. (01:24:50)

Plot hole: Mrs. Tingle was tied to bed for longer time, fed by her students, but what about going to toilet within this period?

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Principal Potter: I was thinking.
Mrs. Tingle: No, don't do that Mr. Potter, we still prefer that bristling wind effect you have on us.

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Trivia: Helen Mirren has given different reasons for taking the part of Mrs. Tingle. She was reportedly intrigued by the devilish role because it was unlike anything else she had ever played, and she enjoyed how the film showed the turbulence of adolescence. She also quipped that she got paid a "shitload of money" and that it was an easy job because she spend most of the film tied to a bed in a comfy nightgown making catty comments.


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