Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Other mistake: Sometimes in some scenes, you can see Mrs. Tingle's bra before they even open her pyjama jacket. For example, when Luke is feeding her the hamburger.

Other mistake: In the scene where Mrs. Tingle is on the loose and threatens Leigh Ann with the bow and arrow, she is really scared. But when Jo Lynn takes the bow away from Mrs. Tingle and threatens to shoot her, Mrs. Tingle shows her that she can't shoot her because the arrow is on the desk. Why would Leigh Ann be afraid of Mrs. Tingle then, if the arrow was on the desk? (01:22:00)

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Suggested correction: The arrow was in the crossbow. Ms. Tingle slipped it out when the bow was taken from her.

Plot hole: Mrs. Tingle was tied to bed for longer time, fed by her students, but what about going to toilet within this period?

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Principal Potter: I was thinking.
Mrs. Tingle: No, don't do that Mr. Potter, we still prefer that bristling wind effect you have on us.

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