Continuity mistake: There is one scene in the final earthquake as Ski and Sonny are driving around the city that's being destroyed - the Trans Am gets hit from the right side, hard enough to throw the car into a small skid, but seconds later there is no damage to the car, and nothing like that was discussed during the planning of the stunt. One has to wonder if that hit was unintentional and not scripted.

Continuity mistake: One can easily see that was not a Trans Am that made the big jump, but whatever it was mysteriously turns back into one when it lands on the other side.

Continuity mistake: After Sonny and Ski make the jump, they pull Sonny out of the car and he hugs Gwen. Gwen pulls back about 2 feet to look at Sonny and when the camera angle changes they are back nose to nose.


Continuity mistake: The rocket car makes the jump right on target with only 1,100 pounds of pressure. If the rocket had the required pressure of 1,500 pounds, the car would have over shot the landing target and crashed into the parked vehicles.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: In the opening credits, we see Hooper putting on a pair of bulky hip pads and a back brace - the kind that wraps around your waist. He then puts on a pair of tight leather pants, but in the following shot as he is putting on his watch there is no brace whatsoever. There's no possibility that the brace was hidden under his pants; in a later scene the brace is visible even though he is wearing the same tight pants.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the bar brawl the big guy rips open Sonny's shirt about half way down. Sonny turns to one of his stuntmen and the shirt is now opened all the way down.


Continuity mistake: When they hook the cable to the back on the motorcycle cop, as he drives away you can see that they've laid out soft dirt for his fall. The dirt is darker than the rest of the dirt on the side of the highway and it ends at exactly the full length of the cable.


Continuity mistake: When Sonny falls with the dog in the bag, they land in the bag with the dog to his right, as the camera zooms in you now see the dog resting on Sonny's chest.


Continuity mistake: When Sonny falls with the dog, the dog changes from gray and white to all white and then back to gray and white when they land in the bag.


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