Crocodile (2000)


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Brady Turner: We'll use those sweatshirts as blindfolds! The Australian Guy from Animal Planet does it all the time, it works.

Duncan McKay: That's from, like, an ostrich or something.
Hubs: Or a beaver.

Annabelle: I've survived 19 years in New York City. Murders, rapists, muggers, you name it! Now I'm gonna be eaten by a fucking monster?
Duncan McKay: Annabelle, why don't you take the phone profinity and shove it up your ass.

Sheriff Bowman: Gator... Crocodile... What's the difference?

Kit: We were just attacked by some huge creature and you're worried about blisters and dirt in your eyes?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Claire, Brady and Duncan have just jumped from a blazing boat, and the Sherriff has been eaten, look and you will see that the boat then has no flames on it when they get on land.

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