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Corrected entry: What happened to the Blaisedales immediately after the Kothoga killed Parkinson? The Blaisedales grabbed each other while gasping, and the Kothoga knocked McNally into a glass display case (thus killing him), and it loomed over Parkinson's body. There are no shots, sounds, or other hints as to what became of the Blaisedales. They simply are dropped from the film entirely at this point.


Correction: According to a computer graphics supervisor who worked on the film, the Blaisedales immediately begin running through the lab and are attacked by the Kothoga. The Kothoga knocks them to the ground where they are then partially eaten by the dermestid beetles that Margo earlier in the film was told had escaped. There was even a scene where Margo, while running from the Kothoga would trip over their bodies.

Correction: Most likely they were killed. At the end of the movie, an officer tells the police captain that there are two bodies inside the main exhibition hall. These could very well be the bodies of the Blaisdales. We might not have seen them get killed but it's a possibility.

Corrected entry: When the Kothoga is running towards D'Agosta, Dr. Frock, and Margo, they go to slam the door shut, and there is the briefest shot of the dog, Pollux, that D'Agosta was leading - and that's it; no more is ever seen of the dog. There is no conclusion of if it was killed, ran away, or anything.


Correction: After Margo screams after seeing the Kothoga there is a scene that shows Pollux break free from the chain that D'Agosta is holding and run away.

Corrected entry: Penelope Ann Miller places Tom Sizemore's lucky bullet down her cleavage. She then has a very physical and athletic finale. At the end, she pulls the bullet out and gives it back to Tom. Considering she was wearing a small dress with straps, (no bra) and Ms. Miller doesn't have "much" down there anyway, that bullet should have dropped right to the floor.


Correction: As Margo is talking to Dr. Frock about the leaves from the crates if you look closely enough you can see that she is wearing a bra. The bra however is strapless.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Margo is running through the laboratory, knocking glasses and vials over to make the place flammable so she can kill the creature. She must have some strong feet, because there's all this broken glass all over the floor, and she's running around with only pantyhose between her feet and the floor.


Correction: When she knocks the jars and bottles over, they fall behind her. The floor where she is running doesn't have the broken glass on it yet. She'd only hurt her feet if she turned around and went back the way she came.

Corrected entry: When Margo first explores the Superstition exhibit near the beginning of the movie, she has to step over a velvet rope blocking its entrance. However, when she runs out of it a few minutes later, she charges right through the entrance and down the stairs - the rope was obviously removed so she could run faster, but in reality, she would have either jumped over it or tripped and fell.


Correction: When she is running her arms are pumping but when she reaches the rope she raises them in a wing - like fashion as people do when they are jumping down. You can also faintly hear her shoes thud when she lands because she jumped the over the rope (which was only calf high) and the three steps.

She doesn't jump over the rope, she jumps down the steps (rather than running down each one). At no point in the scene is she seen jumping up that would be required if she jumped over the rope. The rope is not there.


Correction: The rope is still there. The reason it's not seen is because when Margo flees from the exhibition the focus is on her and the entrance. Not on the ropes.

The rope is not there because there's no evidence she jumped over the rope, even if the camera angle was too high not to show the rope, her jumping (or even stepping over) it would have been visible on camera.


It's not because the camera is on her the entire time and with how low the rope is, it would never be seen on camera.

Except that's not what the mistake is saying. The rope not there in real life for the stunt scene of her running out. Saying the rope is simply off camera is wrong. Yes, if the rope was actually there it's possible that it would be off camera. But if the rope was there, she would have had to jump over it, which she does not do. We know she doesn't jump over the rope because we see her on camera and all she does is jump down the steps.


Pause the movie at the 35:04 mark and advance frame by frame. It shows the rope is still there. And yes, Margo is seen making a jumping movement. If she hadn't, she would have tripped over the rope.

The rope is there from that angle, just as it was there when she stepped over it. That's never been the issue. When the camera cuts to face Penelope Ann Miller, that's when the rope is no longer there. Because in real life they would have stopped the action in order to change camera position, or the shot of her running out was a re-shoot during post. Either way, that shot of her (which is meant to be continuous in the film but was not continuous in real life) was filmed without the rope present.


If the rope wasn't present, then there wouldn't be a need for her to make a jumping motion. She would have just kept running without any interference but her jumping is a clear indication that the rope is still there. We don't actually need to see it.

Except she never jumps up and over the rope. She only jumps down the steps. There was no jumping up motion.


Continuity mistake: In the end when the Kothoga is on fire and chasing Margo, it catches up to her in moments. However, everytime it dramatically changes angles, the Kothoga appears a lot futher away than it was previously, but soon after catching up once again. Noting her progress in the room, this situation is not simply replaying the same scene from different angles. Plus when she gets to the water tank, she has plenty of time to spare to hit a lever, climb the device, and jump in before the Kothoga looms overhead.

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Trivia: Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Sam Mercer wanted to film the movie at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. However, the museum's administration was afraid that the film would not only cast the museum in an unflattering light, but it would also scare kids away from the museum. They were given permission by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago to film there, because they loved the movie's premise.

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Question: Why was the relic being shipped to the Field Museum in Chicago via boat? What would be the point of sending the relic to the United States and then placing it on a boat and shipping it to Chicago by way of the Illinois River? In the book, the museum is instead located in New York, so it makes sense for the shipment to arrive by boat from South America, but there would be no possible way to get to Chicago straight from South America by boat, so the relic had to have been on land at one point. Placing it on a boat just seems like a contrived way to have the monster kill the crew members and create a mystery for the police as to how it happened.

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Chosen answer: Cost of shipping would be much cheaper. However, the Mississippi River System is connected to the Illinois Waterway, which continues to the Great Lakes Waterway. This means Chicago is connected to the Gulf of Mexico (which is accessible to South America). There would be no need to ever be on the road.


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