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The Relic is a monster-running-amok movie that stars Tom Sizemore and Penelope Ann Miller as a Chicago Homicide detective and a Biologist dealing with a huge, bizarre and bloodthirsty mutant creature that preys on people at a large museum soon after cargo arrives from South America. The beast, referred to as a Kothoga, is as strange a combination of insect, boar, human and gecko (?) as can be conceived by a combo of CGI and practical effects, while the stars provide both background and sometimes unintentional levity while the beast rampages. This is one of those films that is at once cheesy and somehow hard to turn away from, as you want to see more of the thing just to comprehend what you're looking at and piece together the odd backstory.

Erik M.

Going to keep this short and simple. I loved this movie very much but felt that it would have been better if the Kothoga wasn't kept in the dark so much and we could have seen it in a brightly lit room. Could never figure out the size or color of it because of the constant darkness.

Plot hole: What happened to the two boys who stayed in the museum past closing, after the homeless guy seemed to attack (or at least be seen to be stalking) them? The next time we see them, it's the next morning, and they're fine. So where did they go? Who helped them? What happened to the homeless guy? The boys couldn't have just hidden, as the homeless guy has been in the museum for ages, and these two boys just got there that day. The homeless guy would have known all the nooks and crannies and every little hiding spot available; he would have caught them.

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Trivia: The Kathoga has only five minutes of screen time in the entire film.

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Question: Why didn't the Kothoga kill the German Shepherd dog in the sewers? It killed the other one, but spares this one, despite killing its handler.


Answer: More then likely, the dog was too afraid of the Kothoga to attack it and when the Kothoga saw this, it let the dog live. The other dog was probably unafraid and tried to attack the Kothoga which prompted it to kill the dog; not out of self-defense, but, because there were still people trapped in the museum and the dog was impeding his attack.

Answer: The beast needed human brain cells to survive, not animal cells, it ignored the dog because it wasn't important. After it killed the first one, it knew his canine brain cells would not work.

Answer: It's possible that the human side of the Kothoga, John Whitney emerged and seeing that the dog was afraid decided to let it live feeling pity for it.

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