The Relic

Continuity mistake: In the end when the Kothoga is on fire and chasing Margo, it catches up to her in moments. However, everytime it dramatically changes angles, the Kothoga appears alot futher away than it was previously, but soon after catching up once again. Noting her progress in the room, this situation is NOT simply replaying the same scene from different angles. Plus when she gets to the water tank, she has plenty of time to spare to hit a lever, climb the device, and jump in before the Kothoga looms overhead.

Continuity mistake: When the two police dogs, Castor and Pollux, run into the dark tunnels and away from the policemen, one of them, Castor, winds up being killed by the Kothoga. The officer who cared for them, Bradley, goes chasing after Pollux in the dark with his flashlight, and Lieutenant D'Agosta chases after him, with a flashlight of his own. After Bradley finds Pollux, he's talking to him and still using his flashlight, when he gets killed by the Kothoga. However, after D'Agosta gets into that room, there is no flashlight lying on the ground, let alone shining on Pollux - as it fell only moments before.


Continuity mistake: During the autopsy scene, the ties on the medical examiner's mask change between going over the microphone headset and going underneath.

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