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Corrected entry: At the climax of the film where Lucas enters the football game and attempts to catch a pass, he drops the football without ever getting control of it, which should make it an incomplete pass, but both teams treat the situation like it was a fumble and the play continues causing Lucas to get hurt. For it to be a catch, a player has to have complete control of the ball for at least a moment.

Correction: There are football fans, players, and coaches that I have seen argue this play both ways. It's a little tough since it's in slow motion and while in slow motion he did appear to completely catch the ball and have it for a moment. However, others maintain it only appeared that way and he really completely dropped it. Since viewers cannot agree, I dare say the coaches watching this game (for the movie) wouldn't be able to agree either, so it's not unlikely that the coaches wouldn't stop this play.

Corrected entry: During the locker room scene where one of the trainers is attending to a player's sore muscle, the trainer applys a salve to the player's leg. The player complains loudly that the salve burns badly. Why doesn't the salve burn the trainer's hands?

Correction: The player doesn't scream loudly that it hurts, he only said, "You're not gonna put that stuff on me are ya?" It actually probably did burn the trainer's hands but the trainer might have had to have done it enough times so he knows how to ignore it.

Corrected entry: When Lucas is marching with his band, he is playing a French horn. Yet, there is no way you could be playing a French horn in a marching band because you need to rest it on your knee while sitting down.

Correction: French horn players place one hand inside the horn to control the tone. With one hand supporting the horn, and the other hand grasping the other side, it is possible to march with it, as we see Lucas doing.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: In the scene with Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green in the school washroom Charlie has his shirt off. His right shoulder has a poorly covered tattoo. The makeup is too thin and the tattoo is showing though as a green spot on his shoulder.


Correction: That is true, but the green spot also look like a bruise which goes with the character as he plays football.

Continuity mistake: When the football players are trying to chase Lucas off of the field, Lucas is not wearing or carrying his helmet, and it isn't seen anywhere near him. When the players give up and decide to continue playing with Lucas on the field, in the closeup Lucas is putting on his helmet, which has magically appeared.

Matty Blast

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Lucas: You can't ever make me quit, ever.

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