American Ninja

American Ninja (1985)


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Joe: Don't push it.
Jackson: Good. Very good. I touched somethin'.

Shinyuki: The Black Star Ninja has betrayed the code.
Joe: Then... he must die.

Shinyuki: These symbols will give your mind ultimate purpose. Gin, Retsu, Zai, Zen.
Joe: Kobudera.
Shinyuki: The Kobudera. Ninja magic. Ninjitsu-to, the ability to seem invisible to cause fear and paralisis in your enemies.

Jackson: Listen to what I'm saying. With your skills, we could make some easy money.
Joe: Jackson, I don't want to fight, I hate crowds, and I don't need money.

Shinyuki: You are ready, my son. I will be with you indeed and in my heart. Follow the Bushido.
Joe: I will honor the code, father.

Continuity mistake: When Jackson's sitting on his motorcycle talking with Joe he points up with his right hand, which switches to being his left hand in the following shot. (00:34:00)

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