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American Ninja (1985)

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AFter Joe learns that he got his ninja training from Shinyuki he goes to stop Ortega and the Black Star Ninja. Joe starts killing ninja's and Shinyuki arrives and helps Joe. The Colombians call off the deal and Ortega kills both of them. The US Army comes and Colonel Hickock is killed by Ortega. After Shinyuki is killed by Black Star Ninja, Joe confronts him and kills him. Joe jumps on Ortega's helicopter, saving Patricia and then Curtis kills Ortega by destorying his helicopter with the anti-air missle.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film when the black star ninja and the yank ninja are fighting, they come to a wall with rope hanging down and start to climb.When the camera switches back and forth, you can see that they have both chosen the same rope (they both climb on the rope marked "Gin") even though they are side by side when they climb.

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Jackson: Listen to what I'm saying. With your skills, we could make some easy money.
Joe: Jackson, I don't want to fight, I hate crowds, and I don't need money.

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