The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Trivia: The date for the newspaper Professor Utonium and Hobo Jojo read is Wednesday, July 3, 2002. That's the day the movie was released into theaters.

Trivia: All throughout the movie you can see the number 801, which was used in the movie marketing campaign on Cartoon Network (the original release date was August 1st.). The two most obvious examples are when the car crashes into the building in the beginning of the tag scene, and when Mojo first shows his blueprints.

Trivia: Both drawings, the one drawn by Bubbles before she goes to sleep, and the one on the Wanted poster, were done by actual fans of the show, and were picked from various other drawings in a contest on Cartoon Network.

Trivia: When Mojo is reading the newspaper you can see a picture of Craig McCracken, the creator of the Powerpuff Girls, on it.


Trivia: When Hobo Jojo picks up the newspaper and begins to read it, the Dear Donna section on the back page has the line "Dear Donna, I am faced with the difficult prospect of completing an entire animated feature in less than six months," and then continues on. This may be a reference to the real film's shortened production deadline. (00:21:30)

Continuity mistake: When the Powerpuff Girls are playing tag and Bubbles screeches to a stop in front of Blossom, there are skid marks. But when the camera switches to a shot of Bubbles by herself, the skid marks are gone.

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