The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Corrected entry: When Professor Utonium is arrested, the girls try to walk home, and eventually end up in Townsville, looking at all the destruction and such. Now, both Pokey Oaks Kindergarden and their house are in the suburbs, so how did they get into the town?

Correction: Because, as the professor says, they are just little girls. They have no idea where their house is so they get lost because they do not realize they are going the wrong way.

Continuity mistake: When the Powerpuff Girls use their laser eyes to make windows in their room, the windows are oval. Later in the movie, such as when the Powerpuff Girls are sleeping the night before 'The Day', the windows are circular.

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Mojo Jojo: Alas, little ones, I do not rock.

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Trivia: All throughout the movie you can see the number 801, which was used in the movie marketing campaign on Cartoon Network (the original release date was August 1st.). The two most obvious examples are when the car crashes into the building in the beginning of the tag scene, and when Mojo first shows his blueprints.

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