Taking Care of Business

Factual error: When Jimmy hot-wires the Lotus for the last time, he touches a red wire to a black one, the starter engages and the engine starts. Then he twists the two wires together. This would result in the starter running constantly, overheating it, and burning it out. A competent car thief would know never to do that.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, Jim Belushi dresses as his mother to trick the warden and enter the prison. After he enters, he changes clothes and reemerges as himself. The bright red nail polish he had on is now completely removed from all his fingernails, yet at the same time he forgets to wipe his lipstick.

Factual error: The World Series tickets Jimmy has are printed on thin paper. When the real Spencer grabs them they fold. Normal World Series tickets are almost as thick as cardboard and commemorative looking. The tickets in the movie do not even look like normal game tickets.

Plot hole: When Jimmy and Spencer are being chased by the cops at the stadium, Jimmy uses a credit card to jimmy a door knob latch. However, the knob isn't locked, because it has no key hole. The dead bolt above the door handle is the one locked, and no credit card is going to jimmy a deadbolt.

Factual error: During the tennis match, Sakamoto serves consecutive times to the same cross-court service box, the final time when it is triple-set point. The rules of tennis are that you switch sides between points.

Plot hole: When Sakamoto prepares to deliver his final serve in the tennis match, he declares, "Triple set point." Later we learn that he lost in three straight sets, so the statement should have been, "Triple match point."

Factual error: When they're at the world series game, during the opening ceremonies, the scores of other ball games (NY vs PIT and DET vs NY) are showing in the background. There are no other games during a world series. (01:33:00)

Spencer Barnes: I've worked hard to work this hard.

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