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Continuity mistake: In the same scene as above, the kid's dad comes out of his lab with a bunch of wires all over him, and a mask on. When a camera shows an outside view and you can see the parents' shadows on the curtain, you can see his dad has no wires on him, and no mask.

Continuity mistake: When the mother (Mrs. Brody) brings home Lou, and her back is to her son, the juice bag is on his right side (the left side of the table - looking at it). When she turns around to show him the puppy, the juice bag is on the far end of the table. (00:11:20)

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Continuity mistake: As Buddy walks out into the street at the start of the movie when the cat is playing dead, you can see several parked cars on the street behind him. When the van backs up to 'catnap' buddy, there are no parked cars. Then as the van drives off again, there is a different bunch of parked cars in the street. (00:03:54)

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Mr. Tinkles: That is all... cats rule.

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Question: In one scene where Lou is talking to Ivy about Butch she says that someone really hurt him once. What did she mean by that? Did Butch have an owner who was mean to him or abandoned him?

Answer: Butch was abandoned. It's never stated but it's implied.

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