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Corrected entry: When the Russian Blue gets hit by the door he drops the remote control, and when the door shuts he drops it again.

Correction: If you watch the scene in slow-motion, you will see that the Russian Blue doesn't drop the remote control when he gets hit by the door. As the impact was strong, the cat was stuck in the wall and the control stuck on his paw. When Scott's father returns to the lab, he closes the door and the cat starts to unstick from the wall with the remote eventually falling on the floor.


Corrected entry: During the ninja cat scene, three cats fly in and parachute down, but four planes can be seen flying away at the end.


Correction: How's this a mistake? The fourth ninja cat must have had a problem with his chute and aborted the jump.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: This is too vague. Please provide a bit more info.


Corrected entry: What would a sewer hatch be doing in the middle of a fake snow factory?

Correction: This mistake is way too vague and not enough info is provided to make a good judgement of this entry. This needs to be explained in greater detail.

Corrected entry: The Russian Blue Cat places the 60 second timer on the Lab door at 40 min 40 sec. It reaches 1 second at 43 min 51 sec a total of 3 minutes and 11 seconds later.

Correction: This is commonplace in movies, because often there are different shots of things happening at the same time, things shown in slow motion, etc. Very rarely is a movie shot in real-time.

Corrected entry: Near the end Mr. Tinkles throws the formula on the kid that makes humans allergic to dogs. When Lou the dog comes and saves him and his family, he never sneezes again, not even when he puts his face onto the dog after the building blows up.

Correction: Right after Mr. Tinkles has the kid sprayed with the allergy stuff, watch closely. He says something to him, and then turns away. At that point, he flips his tail up the kids nose, getting a very large amount of hair up the poor kid's nostrils. He starts going back to sneeze almost immediately, and they put the dog down in front of him. Mr. Tinkles wants to make sure it LOOKS like the stuff works, or else all of the other cats will abandon him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lou is in Mr Brody's lab and hits the soccer ball, causing chemicals to spill all over the allergy formula, Mr. Brody tells his son to go to school. Well, in the previous scene, we see the boy and his dog playing for about 2 hours, and its is already the afternoon. So it would be around 3:00-4:00pm. A little late to go to school don't you think?

Correction: There could be two reasons. One: he is so shocked that all his hard work has been ruined; two: he's an absentminded father.

Corrected entry: The license plate on the van that kidnaps Buddy says "The Union State." There is no state with this nickname.

Correction: And I doubt any state would sell a car to several rogue cats. Obviously, the cats manufactured themselves a car that could be driven with ease by felines, and gave it a fake numberplate. The Union State could have been what Mr Tinkles planned to name a state in his empire after he took over the world, or similar.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the building is about to blow up, I don't know why the crew did this, but the "brick" building buldges out like it's under high pressure. Then the roof blows out like a banana peel. In reality, since the door was open when the Brodys ran out before the explosion and when Butch drags Lou out of the building afterwards, the fake snow should have leaked out of the door and broken some windows. Also, there is a suspenseful scene where Butch is rushing to find Lou. If this reality were to occur, Lou would have been buried in the fake snow as well as Butch, making it nearly impossible to escape the building in that short amount of time.

Correction: I believe this was intentional. If you watch other WB cartoons and kid movies, they all have the same style, such as having ACME on the bone and having buildings blow up from the top.

Corrected entry: When Mr Tinkles is sitting on Mr Mason, his heart fails and the woman hits his chest. Mr. Tinkles jumps off, but in the next scene he is back on his chest.

Correction: He didn't jump off, he shifted.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, Lou changes from being a puppy to an adult dog. Puppies have a "bald patch" on their stomachs and when the boy is scratching Lou's stomach there is no hair on it. In the scene where you think Lou is dead, he is lying down and you can see that there is hair on his stomach.

Correction: No, all female dogs have that bald spot. He changed from a female to a male dog throughout the film.

Corrected entry: After the Russian cat throws the spike-shooting ball into the room, a real cat walks into the room, it cuts to Lou and Butch, and then cuts back to the cat, now CGI, wearing a belt. Where did the belt come from?

Correction: When the real cat walks into the room, you can see that it has a belt on. I watched the film again and made sure to check this, and it is clear that the real cat is also wearing a belt.

Corrected entry: The dog flies through the window and knocks over the lady with the berry pie (straight out of the oven), and the lady gets pie all over her face. Less than thirty seconds later she is shooing the dog out the french doors. If you look closely you can see a few pieces of dry pie crust on her face, but she should actually have had pie filling all over her face, neck, collar, and hair. She wouldn't have had time to clean it completely off. Further, if the pie actually came out of the oven, it would still be extremely hot (cooked at 350F) and the resulting burns would be severe. (00:03:30)

Correction: You do NOT see the pie hit her in the face, nor even hit her at all. You see it heading downwards, then we cut to the living room where the dog is frantically chasing the cat, and we hear the woman scream. She could have been screaming about the mess the pie made on her nice clean floor.

Corrected entry: When Lou is first brought home, nameless, he has a name tag on. Did the mother know what the dog was going to be called before it was given a name?

Correction: Some people buy blank nametags for puppies so that they can write on them as soon as the puppy is named.

Corrected entry: When the russian kitty throws the spikey ball, it lands in the middle of the room, opens and there are a bunch of spikes all pointing upwards, but when it explodes, all the spikes go to the same side of the room, conveniently toward the couch the dogs are hiding behind.

Sol Parker

Correction: The ball most likely uses the same concept as claymores or directional mines.

Continuity mistake: It is clear throughout the movie that the dog that plays the character "Lou" changes from a male to a female. You can tell in different scenes when Lou is standing up, it's a male dog, and when Lou is laying on his back, belly facing up, it is a female dog.

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Prof. Dad Brody: Who do you think kidnapped us, Uraguay or Chad?

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Question: In one scene where Lou is talking to Ivy about Butch she says that someone really hurt him once. What did she mean by that? Did Butch have an owner who was mean to him or abandoned him?

Answer: Butch was abandoned. It's never stated but it's implied.


"Okay, well, here's lesson number two: we help them. We work for them. We tolerate that stupid boochy-boochy baby talk. And for WHAT? So that when they go off to college, they can dump you off with some old lady who can't throw a ball without so much as breaking her HIP!" Pretty sure this counts as being abandoned.

As I said, it's never stated outright but it is implied.


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